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Day 212: Sat 26 March 2016

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Home At Last:

An autobiographical not entirely serious piece of electronica 🙂

It’s how I feel after a small trip away; I’m such a hermit.

Luckily so is my wife. We are hermits together 🙂

Patterning is the drum app, Addictive Synth provides the arpeggio, Trudi reads the words (iSpeech TTS, TwistedWave, AudioShare, AltiSpace), my vocal is straight into a track in Auria, and the background is courtesy of iDensity.



Day 197: Thurs 10 March 2016

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Someone To Trust:

An Abstract Soundscape with Spoken Word.

The drone section is from Shoom, the rest is from an iSpeech TTS file that I treated several times in AudioShare with AltiSpace and Flux:FX. All assembled as usual in Auria.

The Video:

I began by making several videos using FluidFX doing it’s thing to some abstract pics I had made in iColorama. I layered some of them in VidBlend, then layered some of those in Vjay. Next I assembled some of these together in Pinnacle Pro arranging them with the music, lyrics, blends etc. Then I processed that through CinemaFX to give a unified colour and texture, then through Generate. Finally I took these last two and blended them in Vjay.


Day 165: Sunday 7 Feb 2016

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Sooner Or Later (Pessimism Edit):

An Ambient Beatscape with Spoken Word.

This began with Arpeggist and Addictive Synth. Once I had something I liked, I loaded Addictive into Auria along with Poseidon and TF7, designed matching sounds in each synth, and recorded them all playing the slow sparse arpeggio. I also copied two of the synths to new tracks. applied some distortion with Muckraker, and panned them.

The beat is from Patterning, I knew I wanted something simple with only a few variations.

Next I loaded up MitoSynth for the ghostly slow lead sound (I don’t often use presets, preferring to make my own, but this suited the track so well).

I pasted the lyrics to iSpeech TTS, slowed them in Twistedwave and added some AltiSpace in AudioShare; but when I added them to the track I was unhappy with them so they got relegated to backing vocals.

The final touch was me reading the lyrics straight into Auria with reverb and delay from the inbuilt effects.


Day 156: Friday 29 Jan 2016

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Shut Up And Ampersand:

A Beatscape with Spoken Word. That seems to be thing lately 🙂

I have a few Sector files sitting around that I have made using different drum apps; for the purpose of cutting them up into arrangeable chunks. I took one of these, made using a heavily distorted DM1, and cut out some promising sounds which I loaded into Patterning and made a beat. I jammed this beat into AudioShare and treated it with Dedalus, then loaded it into Auria and used it as the backbone for today’s track.

I had earlier sung some half prepared words into AudioShare with Altispace as effect. Not as a final recording but as a memory aid for the rhythm and phrasing, I decided to load this into Borderlands Granular to use as a carpet of sound for the beat. The resulting file was slowed by 50% in TwistedWave, and both versions put into Auria and mixed low with lots of reverb.

I had also earlier given some classic B grade movie cliches to Trudi (if you haven’t been following along Trudi is a fictional character I have been developing, voiced with iSpeech TTS, AltiSpace, and TwistedWave), I now loaded these and sprinkled them along the timeline.

The final two elements were a drone from Addictive Synth and some piano chords from Lyra.



Day 154: Weds 27 Jan 2016

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Returned Mind:

Beatscape/Spoken Word.

TC-11; synth abstractions. iSem; bassline. Patterning; beat. TwistedWave, Auria, and AudioShare; utilities. AltiSpace; effect. Auria also supplied reverb, delay, and compression.


Day 144: Sunday 17 Jan 2016

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A Vocalscape, a Soundscape.

Today was one of those days where I spent ages making something that eventually got all but removed from the track.

I made a vocal recording with AudioShare and AltiSpace, loaded it into Borderlands Granular, slowed the resulting file in TwistedWave, effected it with Emo Chorus, and separately with FLUX:FX, mixed them all in Auria, then loaded the result into TwistedWave and slowed and lowered it.

The resulting file became the backbone for this track only to be cut up and mostly erased from the final product.

I now made a ‘vocal’ track with iSpeech TTS, AudioShare, AltiSpace, and TwistedWave. Then ran it through Sector and Borderlands Granular. Loaded them all into Auria for cutting up and arranging.

Next I added a lead line from Poseidon, another from Grain Science, and an organ from Lyra.

Now is when I realised that the initial sound was holding things back so I removed most of it.

And finally I loaded both basic vocal tracks as a coda.


Day 124: Monday 28 Dec 2015

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Spoken Wordy Political-Satiry Arpeggiatory Electronicy Thingy.



Day 119: Weds 23 Dec 2015

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Staring Agamemnon In The Face:

I began today by making a beat in ElasticDrums and jamming it at 80 bpm into Auria with Dedalus and AltiSpace, then running it through AUFX:Dub turning the effect on here and there.

Then I repeated the process but at 40 bpm.

Next I loaded the effected 80 bpm file, and both the effected and uneffected 40 bpm’s into Auria where I panned, mixed, and arranged them into a Beatscape.

I felt a little more was needed so I opened up Alchemy and used my favourite drum kit to add some cavernous hits. While I was in Alchemy I decided to add the occasional synth swell, and then a bassline.

Now it sounded less like a Beatscape and more like a song, so I decided to try adding some words.

I opened up Evernote where I have lists: of song ideas, interesting words, and possible titles. I managed to write a stanza so I opened up iSpeech TTS and gave it to Trudi McBoody (the female British voice) and the male british voice. I loaded them into AudioShare and added a little Reverb FDN, then opened them in TwistedWave to slow them by 80% (I find this gives them a little more realism). Next I decided to add my own voice so I recited it in AudioShare with Reverb and slowed it down. The next step was to open them in their own Auria project and align all the phrases before adding the combined file into the main project for the final step of arranging the vocals on the timeline.


Day 118: Tuesday 22 Dec 2015

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About Face:

A Beatscape with Spoken Word.

I began today in Patterning where I made a beat and recorded it into AudioShare with Dedalus, using my usual technique of jamming while muting and soloing the different parts to make a composition. I then ran it through AUFX:Dub adding a little spice here and there. Then I did it again with a different setting in Dub. Then a third time but with FLUX:FX this time.

Then I put it into Auria and added a bassline courtesy of Addictive Synth, also with Flux:FX.

I also added a Theremin style lead part using Addictive Synth.

Next I wrote a vocal line and typed it into iSpeech TTS. From there I followed my usual procedure and effected it with AUFX:Space and slowed it down in TwistedWave, and then distributed it around the timeline in Auria.

For a final touch I recorded myself adding an additional line or two.


Day 117: Monday 21 Dec 2015

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Do It:

A Beatscape with vocals.

Today’s track used two files that I had prepared earlier: The vocal line from ‘For What They Did’  from yesterday (done using iSpeech TTS, AUFX:Space, and TwistedWave), and a beatscape from October (done using Audiobus, Mimex, AudioShare, Dedalus, AUFX:Space, Arpeggist, Addictive Synth, and iMini).

I ran the vocals through Turnado and Sector, and the beatscape through FLUX:FX before loading all three into Auria for mixing and arranging.

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