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Day 116: Sunday 20 Dec 2015

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For What They Did:

A Soundscape with vocal.

A fairly simple process today, inspired by Jacobs tutorials on TC11 I fired it up and had a play (it intimidates me).

I quickly found a groovy patch and did three jams which I slowed down and lowered using TwistedWave before putting into Auria for mixing.

Then I added a vocal line for Trudi using iSpeech TTS, AUFX:Space, and TwistedWave.


Day 95: Sunday 29 Nov 2015

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Bald Headed Prophet:

Soundscape with vocal.

This track began in Cyclop with a noise patch that I made months ago, I changed the sample which is at the heart of it to Day 93’s ‘Profit Of The Bored’ (so this track already utilises all the apps from that track: iSpeech TTS, AudioShare, Altispace, TwistedWave, Patterning, Dedalus, Poseidon, Auria, and PhaseRings) and recorded a take into AudioShare with Dedalus, AltiSpace, and AUFX:Dub before slowing it a lot in TwistedWave and putting it into Auria.

Next I loaded the vocal from ‘Profit of the Bored’ into Sector and did two takes with different settings, loaded them into Auria, and added some synth hits from Addictive Synth.


Day 66: Saturday 31 Oct 2015

Audio, Beatscape, Featuring Trudi McBoody, Field Recordings, Spoken Word, Tracks 2 Comments


A Beatscape with vocals.

I made a beat with Xenon a few weeks ago and left it. Today I revisited it and slowed it down in TwistedWave 🙂 Then I ran it through most of the effect apps I own, really just experimenting. In the end I used three different versions with Korvpressor, Flying Haggis, Master FX, and FLUX:FX. I loaded these into Auria and mixed them together adjusting volume and panning.

It was okay, but to be honest I felt I’d wasted a couple of hours.

I had a look through my Beats folder, the place I put interesting sounding drumbeats that I might use later, and found two that I liked and slowed them down. I decided to jam all three beats together regardless of their tempos etc and see what happens. So into Auria they went and I cut them up and arranged them as suited me.

I wrote some words on the theme ‘disjointed’ and gave them to iSpeech TTS which I loaded into AudioShare and applied some AUFX:Space and slowed it down, then added it to Auria and cut it up etc.

Finally I loaded Fieldscaper into a track in Auria and recorded some soundscape type background. Twice.

Peace out.


Day 59: Saturday 24 Oct 2015

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Reprise: A Self Portrait In Three Parts:

Part One: Hermits Dilemma 0.00 – 5.31
Part Two: Procrastinate 5.31 – 9.29
Part Three: Nothing But The Bones 9.29 – 14.41

I got ambitious today, three tracks in one. I decided to present them in one track rather than as a playlist. Let me know which you think is better.

Two Soundscapes and a Beatscape with vocals.

It was a long and complicated journey, so today I’m just going to give you a list of the apps involved, because it’s late and I’m tired. I’m happy to answer any questions that you might have though 🙂

The apps in order of appearance were:

AudioShare, iKaossilator, Flux:FX, AUFX:Space, AUFX:Dub, Auria, Addictive Synth, Cyclops, Sector, TTS iSpeech, Figure, Dedalus, Fieldscape, Borderlands Granular, Turnado, AUFX:PeakQ, Caramel, and Grain Science.

The Video:

This music video is all about the music. So it’s very simple, mainly static on black; to let you concentrate on your ears, while at the same time keeping your eyes involved.

Pinnacle Studio and CinemaFXV were all that I used.

See you spoon and Peace Out.


Day 55: Tuesday 20 Oct 2015

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Give Me All Your Money:

I don’t know how to categorise this. Is it genre able?

I did a jam in Alchemy, just using some presets, I don’t really know how to use Alchemy, but it has some great sounds (yet another app that I need to learn). Then I added AUFX:Space and AUFX:Dub, looped it, and jammed while turning Dub on and off, and playing with the frequency slider.

Next I loaded both into Auria and used the unaffected version as an intro and outro. Then I added one of yesterdays Granular Borderlands files and cut it up and distributed it around the track.

Now I felt it needed some words or vocals so I called upon the British Female voice in iSpeech TTS. I composed a little lyric/poem/rap for her, slowed it down by 80% in TwistedWave, and added some AUFX:Space and Dub. I used both the effected and the straight versions, and again cut up and distributed them about the track to make the composition.


Day 36: Thursday 1 Oct 2015

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Another Arpeggist attempt.

Arpeggist driving Addictive Synth and Cube Synth, with some Soundscaper, Diode-108, and iSpeech TTS thrown in for good measure.

The Video:

Some texture photos taken with my iPhone, plus some text from Phonto, compiled in Pinnacle Studio, run through CinemaFXV for texture.



Day 14: Wednesday 9 Sept 2015

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Old Habits:

An Abstract Beatscape with Vocals.

A poem fed into iSpeech TTs three times with three different voices, Sector, and iMascine.


Day 7: Weds 2 Sept 2015

Featuring Trudi McBoody, Spoken Word, Tracks, Videos No Comment


A Soundscape.

Using iSpeech TTS, Sector, Dedalus, TwistedWave, Pixsound, EmoChorus, AUFX:Dub,AUFX:Space, AudioShare, and Auria.


Day 6: Tuesday 1 Sept 2015

Audio, Beatscape, Featuring Trudi McBoody, Spoken Word, Videos No Comment

Composition On A Rainy Day:

A glitchy beatscape with vocals.

Sector, TwistedWave, Addictive Synth, AudioShare and Auria.

Vocals are a poem run through iSpeech TTS twice with different voices then layered.


Day 5: Monday 31 Aug 2015

Beatscape, Featuring Trudi McBoody, Spoken Word, Tracks, Videos No Comment

The Loathing:

A Drone Beatscape with vocals.

Drums are Diode-108 effected with AUFX:Dub and AUFX:Space.

The drone is 5 tracks of MicroBrute recorded using various combinations of ToneStack, AmpKit Plus, and Flux:FX.

The vocals is a poem typed into iSpeech TTS using two different voices. These were ten layered in Auria and treated with AUFX:Space.

All layers were recorded separately in AudioShare then imported to Auria for collaging.

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