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Day 50: Thursday 15 Oct 2015

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Nigel Interruptus:

An Ambient Soundscape.

Back to the Fugue Machine Project.

Today I have my sequence controlling several Synths that I loaded into AudioBus.

Korgs iPolySix, FM4, TF7, Laplace, Addictive Synth, Thor, and iSem all loaded into Mimex and recorded with AudioShare.

With a setup like this I can really sculpt the sound of the performance by blending synths in and out, muting, changing the pan etc.

This was a sort of proof of concept today. I plan to spend more time selecting and writing patches to really make this a polished performance piece.


Day 49: Weds 14 Oct 2015

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Beating Against The Cliffs:

A Soundscape.

Today a short break from my Fugue Machine Project, that is still progressing, but I’m working on a number of things at a time.

So this is a track that began in AnalogKit with a Drum Sequencer made by the very talented Clif Johnston of Apptronica Labs.

Check out his projects in the Swap Meet if you have AnalogKit.

Also check out his music at mood481; and indeed have a look at the Apptronica label for a look at some of the best iPad and iPhone musicians on the planet.

After recording a jam into AudioShare, I selected the best bit (the last third), and transferred that into Auria where I added some files from Hexaglypics, did some chopping and arranging and voila!


Day 48: Tuesday 13 Oct

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Nigel Separates The Wheat From The Chaff:

A Soundscape.

Continuing my Fugue Machine series. This is day three of using one sequence in varying ways.

Today I slowed it to 80 bpm and used Cyclop and FM4 as the Synths. I chose these apps as I wanted to move away from the ambient and towards the abstract. I used the same technique as Day 46; recording several patches in AudioShare and layering and arranging them in Auria.

The Video:

I’m still using the same source video as the last two days. Pinnacle Studio and Cinema FXV were all that were used today.


Day 44: Friday 9 Oct 2015

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A Soundscape, A Synthscape, A Noisescape.

Today I began with the Title and tried to make a track that fitted it, and then a video that suited too.

It is entirely made with AnalogKit. In fact it is entirely made with projects created by Red Sky Lullaby, the very talented Stuart Kilbride; I used three of his creations: Randomness Cubed, Lemon Cello, and Beat Studio. All recorded into AudioShare with AltiSpace and AUFX:Dub in the effect chain, and assembled/collaged in Auria.

The Video:

I took 7 pics from my ‘template’ collection and turned them into 15 second movies using Pinnacle Studio, then I loaded them into Vidibox and made a couple of 1 minute movies. Next I ran these through Glitch Wizard and then loaded all four into Pinnacle for arranging, and finally into CinemaFXV for the scratches.



Day 42: Weds 7 Oct

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A Soundscape.

Todays track is all about AnalogKit the new modular app from Bitcount.

I’m hugely interested and intrigued by all ways of music making, and analogue modular synthesis is no exception. If I could afford it I’d be delving into that world for sure. But in the meantime there are a number of apps that take the same approach, and Analogkit is the newest.

I hope to spend some time learning how to use this app but so far it’s all greek to me 🙂

However there are some very talented people making and sharing projects which noobies like me can use from within the app, and thats what I’ve done today. If you have Analogkit and want to try these for yourself I used ‘Randomness Cubed’ and ‘Lemon Cello’  by Red Sky Lullaby (keep a look out for his presets in other apps as they are always great), and ‘Drum Sequencer Mod 001’ by Apptronica.

Basically I played around with each preset, then loaded Analogkit into AudioShare with some effects (Caramel, AltiSpace, and ApeDelay), and jammed away to my hearts content. Then I loaded them into Auria where I arranged, and cut up, and manipulated, and eliminated until I arrived at the conclusion you can hear.



Day 41: Tuesday 6 Oct 2015

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A Penny For Your Thoughts:

An Ambient Soudscape.

Todays track is a child of Day 37’s Shamblin’, because I began with an earlier jam version of what eventually became the backbone of that track.

It used Arpeggist, Addictive Synth, Sunrizer, Mimix, and AudioShare.

I loaded that into Auria and added a little bit of Thor; using one of Jacob Haq’s Bell Presets which can be found here: giving away 64 Bell presets.

Then a dash of sound from Dedalus with the whole AUFX suite.

The Video:

Artwork done with PicFrame, loaded into Pinnacle Studio, processed three times in Generate, combined in PicFrame, processed in CinemaFXV 🙂


Day 40: Monday 5 Oct 2015

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Dance Macabre:

A Soundscape.

Today I fired up Figure in AudioShare and loaded Caramel and Dedalus into the effect slots. My aim was to give the Figure sounds a little less of an electro dance, and more of an industrial sort of vibe. I did four jams with this setup, changing sounds etc slightly each time.

I was happy with these Beatscapes but realised that I was more in a Soundscape mood, so I imported one of these into Borderlands. Then I added one of the feedback recordings I had done in Dedalus a few days ago; and then a heavily processed Drone that I had made last week using Arpeggist, Addictive Synth, iMini, TwistedWave, Dedalus, Borderlands, and a breaking glass recording.

I made three recordings jamming with these files.

The last one hit the spot; all that was needed was a little AUFX:Dub applied occasionally.

The Video:

I could see what sort of video I wanted in my minds eye but it was a little tricky to achieve 🙂

I filmed myself dancing using VideoPro and trimmed off the walking in and out of shot in Pinnacle Studio. Then I processed these files multiple times in Generate and Glitch Wizard, and loaded these into a couple of layouts in Vidibox.

However I just used some of the Generate and Glitch Wizard files in the end; sequencing them with titles and a transition or two in Pinnacle. And then the all important CinemaFXV to tie it all together.


Day 39: Sunday 4 Oct 2015

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Last One Standing:

A Soundscape.

iSem, AudioShare, Auria, TwistedWave, Dedalus, AUFX:Dub, AUFX:Space, DM1, Diode-108, Elastic Drums, Caramel, iDensity, Turnado, Addictive Synth…were all a part of todays journey.

Which left me with this track, one more unfinished track, and the makings of two more. That’s what I call a productive day!

The video:

Generate, Pinnacle Studio, Cinema FXV.



Day 37: Friday 2 Oct 2015

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A Synthscape. Ha ha, I guess its an Ambient Soundscape.

My third day trying out Arpeggist by Virsyn. Today I used a slow and sparse arpeggio (50 bpm), and I loaded up Audiobus with the most synths I’ve ever tried. I used Sunrizer, Addictive Synth, Cube Synth, Magellan, Argon, Alchemy, and iSyn Poly. I used Mimex to mix them and recorded into AudioShare.


Then a little arranging in Auria between two versions, and a little help from Dedalus and AUFX:Dub.

The Video:

I filmed a little still (or not so still) life, using Imaengine. Arranged it in Pinnacle and processed it with CinemaFXV.


Day 32: Sunday 27 Sept 2015

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A Soundscape.

I began with a jam I did with Thor using one of Jacob Haq’s wonderful bell presets. If you don’t already, I highly recommend that you get to The Soundtestroom and follow his awesome and fun series. The bell sounds are a give away, so here is a taster of his work: giving away 64 Bell presets. Highly, highly HIGHLY recommended.

So I took that jam and slowed it, and reversed it, and blended both versions in Auria. Then I added some Cyclop for extra soundscapy goodness. Next I visited my folder of Field recordings and added a heavily processed recording of children playing, and an unprocessed recording of a crowded cafe (in Trondheim, hence the name).

The Video:

A series of jpegs I made using PicFrame were added to Pinnacle Studio and sequenced in a few ways, these movies were then added back to PicFrame and the resulting movies were put back into Pinnacle before a final run through CinemaFXV.


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