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Day 138: Monday 11 Jan 2016

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I’m Dry:

An Ambient Soundscape with electric piano and spoken word.

The soundscape was made with Grain Science (what a cool app that is), I had great fun playing with it today.

The electric piano part was played in using my MicroBrute as a midi controller for Lyra, the sampler in Auria. I then copied it to two more tracks and used: another electric piano and an acoustic piano, which I mixed to get the sound I wanted.

Finally I added the words which I had recorded in AudioShare with AltiSpace,



Day 136: Saturday 9 Jan 2016

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You Lied:

A Beatscape with spoken word.

Drums courtesy of Patterning and the midi drum loops that came with Auria, I haven’t used midi drums before and this track started with my experimenting with them. I added a Borderlands Granular file from earlier in the week, and two spoken word lyrics that I recorded into AudioShare with AltiSpace.

This was my most complicated track to make so far, certainly in terms of cutting up the different elements to make the final composition.



Day 135: Friday 8 Jan 2016

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Which Part?:

Beatscape with Spoken Word.

As part of my experimenting with little used apps I opened up iMPC Pro today and found a beat that I had started months ago, possibly last year. I played with it a bit and exported it to AudioShare then slowed it with TwistedWave. In Auria I added some Patterning to it as well as a percussive vocal part. Next I turned to Addictive Synth and added an arpeggio part which I repeated twice with variations. Finally I added one of my spoken word pieces which I had recorded using AudioShare, AltiSpace, and TwistedWave.


Day 132: Tuesday 5 Jan 2016

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Shine On Moon:

A Beatscape with Spoken Word.

Patterning provided the drums today, one slow and simple pattern recorded 4 times with different sounds and different soloing ad muting of parts. Then I added an ambient Addictive Synth jam and a Borderlands Granular bass part. Finally I added the words (recorded with AudioShare, AltiSpace, and TwistedWave). All this took place in Auria.


Day 130: Sunday 3 Jan 2016

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The Sentence:

A Beatscape with Spoken Word.

Today began with an arpeggio in Nave recorded into Auria and then accompanied with an ElasicDrums beat and a DM1 beat. I mixed it down and then slowed it in TwistedWave. Then effected it once with AUFX:Dub, AUFX:Space, and Emo Chorus. And again with Dedalus. Then I reversed it.

Now I had 4 variations of the slowed file. I loaded them all into a new Auria Project, added one of my abstract patches from Poseidon, then added the vocals which I recorded using AudioShare, AltiSpace, and TwistedWave.

Some cutting and collaging and hey presto.


Day 129: Saturday 2 Jan 2016

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The Tale Of Musca Domestica:

Another Beatscape with Spoken Word.

I started this, as I often do, by taking a piece from yesterday’s track and building on that. I began with the beat from yesterday which was made with iMaschine, FLUX:FX, and TwistedWave. I ran it through Sector, twice with different settings, and then ran each through TwistedWave and slowed them by 50% and lowered them by 400 cents. Then I ran both of those through TwistedWave again, with the same settings.

Next I added both versions into Auria. It sounded like Mt Etna exploding 🙂

Cool, but what to add? What direction to go?

Now the project took an unexpected turn, as sometimes happens.

I decided to try adding a slow pulsing arpeggio, so I loaded up Addictive Synth; the result was so good it required reshaping the whole track. So I carved into the first files, opening room for the arpeggio to breathe.

Then I added a simple bass drum track, for emphasis, using Dm1. Then repeated it with a different sound.

And finally I added the lyrics. I read the poem into AudioShare with AltiSpace, added them to Auria and arranged them about the track.


Day 125: Tuesday 29 Dec 2015

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Four Out Of Five Sad Pandas…:

A Beatscape with some minimal Spoken Word.

I began this with a slow beat in ElasticDrums which I then slowed by half and lowered in TwistedWave. Both versions were then added to Auria though only a little of the first was used.

Next I made a bass/drum sort of arpeggio in Addictive Synth which I slowed and added, again only using it occasionally.

Finally I spoke a line into AudioShare with AUFX:Space and added it to the mix. A little cutting and dicing and there you have it.


Day 124: Monday 28 Dec 2015

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Spoken Wordy Political-Satiry Arpeggiatory Electronicy Thingy.



Day 123: Sunday 27 Dec 2015

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A Vocalscape. All the sounds here are from vocals, My son Marley and I 🙂

I took the vocals from my entry to the iPad Musicians Group Christmas Competition (which you can hear if you like, which I had recorded with AudioShare and Altispace, and ran them through Sector with AUFX:Space and AUFX:Dub.

I also took a vocal that didn’t make it into the final song; slowed it by half in TwistedWave, slowed it by half again, and looped it in AudioShare with more reverb and delay. I then reversed it and loaded both versions into Auria Pro. This became the background in which the other vocals swim.


Day 119: Weds 23 Dec 2015

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Staring Agamemnon In The Face:

I began today by making a beat in ElasticDrums and jamming it at 80 bpm into Auria with Dedalus and AltiSpace, then running it through AUFX:Dub turning the effect on here and there.

Then I repeated the process but at 40 bpm.

Next I loaded the effected 80 bpm file, and both the effected and uneffected 40 bpm’s into Auria where I panned, mixed, and arranged them into a Beatscape.

I felt a little more was needed so I opened up Alchemy and used my favourite drum kit to add some cavernous hits. While I was in Alchemy I decided to add the occasional synth swell, and then a bassline.

Now it sounded less like a Beatscape and more like a song, so I decided to try adding some words.

I opened up Evernote where I have lists: of song ideas, interesting words, and possible titles. I managed to write a stanza so I opened up iSpeech TTS and gave it to Trudi McBoody (the female British voice) and the male british voice. I loaded them into AudioShare and added a little Reverb FDN, then opened them in TwistedWave to slow them by 80% (I find this gives them a little more realism). Next I decided to add my own voice so I recited it in AudioShare with Reverb and slowed it down. The next step was to open them in their own Auria project and align all the phrases before adding the combined file into the main project for the final step of arranging the vocals on the timeline.

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