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Day 363: Thursday 25 August 2016

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Wandering Womb:

Another Gadget excursion featuring many of my own samples via Bilbao, today also featuring the vocal stylings of the inimitable Trudi McBoody.

Trudi as usual brought to you be iSpeech TTS and TwistedWave. Batteries not included.



Day 362: Weds 24 August 2016

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A gentle groove, a smooth and soothing Beatscape.

Nothing but drum and beat apps were used today. I began in iMaschine 2 using drums in three of the parts, I also had a chordal part but I abandoned that halfway through, as it became more and more obvious that it got in the way of the story. I exported the parts separately and loaded them into Auria for arrangement. Next I loaded a Diode-108 file which I had in my ‘beats’ folder and an iSpark file (which I may have used previously). They were all in related bpms and on listening through my beats folder these two stood out as ones that would fit.

Arrange arrange, mix mix and Bob’s your Uncle.


Day 361: Tuesday 23 August 2016

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The Logician’s Locket Franchise:

Beats and other sounds at 120 bpm, it must be some sort of EDM 🙂

Step One: Make some music in Gadget.

Step Two: Flavour it with AudioShare, ApeFilter, Dedalus, and DubFilter.

Step Three: Place all the ingredients into the Auria mixing bowl and whisk carefully.

Step Four: Add some vocals that have been steeped in Borderlands Ganular.

Step Five: Arrange artfully on the plate and season to taste with AUFX:PeakQ.

Bon Appetit.


Day 360: Monday 22 August 2016

Ambient, Audio, Tracks No Comment

A Delicate Irritation:

Gadget can be used not only for beat driven EDM stuff but for just about anything that you can imagine. Here I am imagining a delicate melancholy; peaceful but with a darkness, if not looming, at least on the horizon. Perhaps a flower with just the first hint of decay.

Gadget fed into Dedalus, then into TwistedWave, then into Auria for mixing.


Day 359: Sunday 21 August 2016

Audio, EDM, Featuring Trudi McBoody, Tracks No Comment

It”s Moments Like These:

Of Bilbao and Abu Dhabi in Gadget, how I love thee.

Special thanks to Trudi for a last minute performance 😉


Day 358: Saturday 20 August 2016

Audio, EDM, Tracks No Comment

Straining Gnats With A Barbed Wire Canoe:

Another beat driven Gadget track again using Bilbao and Abu Dhabi to trigger samples, some my own and some built in. PPG Phonem gets it’s first outing today as one of those samples and my voice is hidden in there as well.

I find it a fun track, I hope you do to.


Day 356: Friday 10 August 2016

Ambient, Audio, Tracks No Comment

Afloat On A Lullaby:

My music often tends to the dark side but sometimes a little lightness breaks through.

The flute is from Mitosynth and I ran it through Dedalus. That’s it.

Dream on Tracklings.


Day 356: Thursday 18 August 2016

Audio, EDM, Spoken Word, Tracks No Comment

Ran Domised:

Dark Schizophrenic EDM Disturbia. Random thoughts and feelings gathered and collected by Soul Crows. Beware the Ran Domish!

Today’s cast includes: zMors Modular, AudioShare, AUFX:Dub, Sector, Auria, and MitoSynth.

May the bored have mercy on your soul.


Day 355: Weds 17 August 2016

Audio, Beatscape, EDM, Tracks No Comment

Illegal Delivery:

Yes it’s short, minimal, and soothing. It’s sweet and gentle; like a fine wine or the memory of favourite old times, like a dream during a nap on a sunny afternoon, like a sip of Bailey’s. Like a quiet smile.

All the sounds here were sampled from AnalogKit in AudioShare then loaded into Bilbao in Gadget via Dropbox; so expect to hear them again in other situations. The final song was exported to AudioShare and treated with AUFX:Dub.

May your day be simple and sweet.

Love Grant


Day 354: Tuesday 16 August 2016

Audio, EDM, Tracks No Comment


Another Bilbao drenched Gadget track using mostly my own samples.

It feels partly silly and quirky but also feels a little dark and uncomfortable.

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