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Day 180: Monday 22 Feb 2016

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Simple Piano String Thing:

The name says it all today 🙂

Played into Auria using my midi keyboard, I began with the piano then added the string part.


Day 152: Monday 25 Jan 2016

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Trial And Error:

I honestly don’t know what to call this; I’m trying to reapproach the guitar and fit it into my current music making. Still a little rusty on the strings.

I used BiasFX for the guitar sounds, recorded into Auria.

I began by programming the drums in Patterning then added an arpeggio jam with Addictive Synth. Once that was in place I jammed three tracks of guitar. Finally I removed parts of the beat, just to let the track breathe a little more.

It’s only about 80% there; mainly because my playing isn’t quite up to it, but also because I haven’t fully realised the concept yet. But I guess that’s ok, baby steps.



Day 93: Friday 27 Nov 2015

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Profit of the Bored (featuring Trudi McBoody):

Genre Unknown 🙂

Another play with my Patterning drum kit into AudioShare effected with Dedalus was the start of this track. I loaded it into Auria and added a Poseidon arp bass patch that I made the other day. Then I loaded PhaseRings into a track and jammed along.

Finally a wrote a little lyric and typed it into iSpeech TTS, imported the result to AudioShare, effected it with AltiSpace, slowed it by 80% and lowered it by 1 semitone in TwistedWave, and imported the result to Auria for arranging.

Ta Da!


Day 83: Tuesday 17 Nov 2015

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Mr Black’s Rude Awakening:

I began todays track in the same way as yesterday by working with Nick Lau’s Drum TX project in AnalogKit. I programmed a variation on yesterdays beat and recorded it twice to AudioShare with AUFX:Space; each time with different settings.

Both went into Auria and were panned. The next step also echoed yesterday; I added a kick drum from Patterning for emphasis. The third step too; I added the clashy klangy preset sound that I made in Addictive Synth yesterday.

I finally moved in a new direction by programming an arpeggio in Addictive Synth and recording it twice with different presets that I had made earlier.

And last but not least I recorded myself reciting a line from the 1963 film A Comedy Of Terrors.

I had fun 🙂


Day 78: Thursday 12 Nov 2015

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On Your Way:

There’s drums…there’s droney soundscapey stuff…oh and I’m ‘singing’ again…

I began this track in Auria by recording a Patterning beat, a drone from Addictive Synth, and then singing this old lyric. It needed more so I added another Patterning drumbeat. Still not happy I added 4 tracks of Poseidon drones that I had made last night and this morning.

I then added Sector and Reverb FDN to AudioShare‘s recorder and imported the file of my singing into Sector. I recorded a few takes but only liked a few bits, so I cut them out and added them to Auria. I also cut out one line of the vocal, slowed it and pitched it down a fifth in TwistedWave, and added it.

Now for a very important part of my workflow, I gave it to my Wonderful Wife for a trial listening…and after her comments I removed the Addictive Synth drone entirely and thinned out the others; thus opening up some breathing space. Big improvement!

I hope you like it.

Peace Out.



Day 76: Tuesday 10 Nov 2015

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My Love (For Lene):

I’m singing acappella on this one. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

A love declaration for my wife.

I began by singing straight into the iPad, recording in AudioShare. Then I processed it through Turnado for a little glitching. Both files were then added to Auria and I recorded an arpeggio patch that I made yesterday in Addictive Synth. Next I turned to DM1 where I made a very simple beat at the same bpm as the arpeggio, looped it in AudioShare with Reverb FDN and AUFX:Dub and added it in the mix. Lots of arranging followed till you get what you get 🙂


Day 34: Tuesday 29 Sept 2015

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Daleks Can Dance:

Not sure how to classify this one. Any ideas?

One of the areas missing in my musical explorations is the world of sequencers and arpeggiators. I just don’t seem to get on with them; or anything involving midi, or controlling one app with another. So today I thought I’d give it a go.

I fired up Arpeggist which I bought a few weeks ago but haven’t tried yet. I managed to set it up with Argon in AudioBus without a hitch as follows


I also added Caramel to the Argon channel, and run it all thru Dedalus.

Several jams and recordings and playing arounds ensued, bits of which I cut out and reassembled in Auria.

It didn’t turn out as I was expecting, but I went with the flow and followed where the music seemed to want to go.

The Video:

The same Modus Operandi as the last few videos. PicFrame, to Pinnacle Studio, to CinemaFXV, to PicFrame, to Pinnacle, to CinemaFXV. Oh, and Phonto for the Text.








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