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Day 203: Weds 16 March 2016

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Community Announcement:

A silly, fun little piece of electro poppiness, quiet but insistent.

All the sounds in this are from MitoSynth arranged in Auria. Simple but fun.

The Video:

Sometimes (or maybe I should say often), my vids are an accompaniment to the music, a fun after thought not necessarily intimately related. But I do enjoy it when, like this one the visuals and the music join together to make a greater whole. 

I filmed myself dancing with Imaengine, pieced it together in Pinnacle Pro, and processed it with CinemaFXV.

Wow, more video apps than music ones; that’s a new one for me I think 🙂



Day 198: Friday 11 March 2016

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A Quiet Life: Your Text Here:

A Beatscape.

The beat is made with Patterning using my own drum kit, it was constructed by jamming into AudioShare with Dedalus as effect. I then made the arpeggio in Addictive Synth and combined them in Auria. The occasional bass was also from Addictive Synth; I use the same patch but with the arp turned off.

The Video:

I combined some iColorama jpegs in Pinnacle Pro along with a FluxFX video, imported that to CinemaFX for the scratches, then into Generate for the movement.


Day 197: Thurs 10 March 2016

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Someone To Trust:

An Abstract Soundscape with Spoken Word.

The drone section is from Shoom, the rest is from an iSpeech TTS file that I treated several times in AudioShare with AltiSpace and Flux:FX. All assembled as usual in Auria.

The Video:

I began by making several videos using FluidFX doing it’s thing to some abstract pics I had made in iColorama. I layered some of them in VidBlend, then layered some of those in Vjay. Next I assembled some of these together in Pinnacle Pro arranging them with the music, lyrics, blends etc. Then I processed that through CinemaFX to give a unified colour and texture, then through Generate. Finally I took these last two and blended them in Vjay.


Day 194: Monday 7 March 2016

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A Distillation:

An Abstract Beatscape/Soundscape.

For the music: Alchemy, Auria, Sector, TwistedWave, Caramel, Emo Chorus.

For the video: Pinnacle Pro, PicFrame, CinemaFXV, Fluid FX, Generate.



Day 179: Sunday 21 Feb 2016

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Room For All:

A Soundscape.

Hey hey, it’s been awhile since I made a movie 🙂

Todays track is all about Borderlands Granular. I loaded in three tracks from the last few days: an electric piano (made with Module and Auria), a piano and strings (ThumbJam, Auria), and a beatscape (iSpark, AudioShare). I did four jams and was happy with the fourth so I loaded that into TwistedWave and trimmed out the best part before slowing it.

Next I loaded it into AudioShare and ran it through AUFX:Dub, and then through AltiSpace.

The Video:

I went for a walk in the forest near here this morning, it was magical, I followed some deer tracks in the snow past a frozen brook 🙂

Anyway I took my trusty iPhone and used the built in camera app to take some movies and stills which I assembled using Pinnacle Studio.


Day 88: Sunday 22 Nov 2015

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Nigel Keeps A Weather Eye Out:


Yes Nigel returns. My ongoing project of doing many things with one project in Fugue Machine. Today I used 80 bpm and began by clothing Nigel in one of favourite Addictive Synth presets. Then I loaded up Poseidon and searched for some sounds that I thought would work; I did this by hitting the random button until I was happy with something, recording it with Nigel in AudioShare or within Poseidon for 5 minutes or so, then moving on. When I had 7 files to choose from I loaded them all into Auria and had a play. In the end I used the Addictive Synth sound as the basis and brought the others in and out for extra colour, form, and texture.

The Video:

One photo of a bridge through the fog taken with ProCamera on my iPhone, loaded into Pinnacle Studio and very slowly panned. The titles were done in Procreate and Phonto. When assembled I ran it through CinemaFXV.


Day 81: Sunday 15 Nov 2015

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Yet Another Miss Understanding:


This track began in Patterning, a simple and slow beat at 60 bpm which I recorded into AudioShare with AUFX:Space and Dedalus. I then recorded three variations using different drum kits. All four were imported to Auria and mixed and arranged.

I then took a portion of this mix into TwistedWave to edit, and then looped in with AUFX:Dub occasionally adding a little of it’s dubby magic.

Next I went to Poseidon for a drone with a (very) little harmonic movement; and for that high sound; and that almost overheard but unintelligible vocalish thing.

The Video:

Filmed the iPad screen with the iPhone using ProCamera, filmed the two of them with another iPhone, mixed the clips in Pinnacle Pro, and ran them through CinemaFXV a couple of times.



Day 79: Friday 13 Nov 2015

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The Purpose:

A Beatscape with vocals.

I’m not singing today so you can relax. Just speaking some lines over a beatscape 🙂

iMaschine 2 was released today so I began by making a simple beat; to feel my way into the app. I then effected that with Dedalus and Reverb FDN, added it to Auria and added two tracks of Poseidon for weird droney madness. Finally I wrote some words and added them straight into a track in Auria with a little inbuilt reverb. Oh and I forgot iSem for the simple baseline.

The Video:

I made a quick film of the timeline in Auria, just by holding my iPhone up to the screen for a minute or so, using ProCamera. Then effected that a few times in CinemaFXV, combined all of those in Pinnacle Pro as Pinnacle Studio is now called, ran it through Generate twice with different effects, blended those in Vjay, blended the result with an earlier version, again in Vjay, and ran it once more through CinemaFXV.


Day 74: Sunday 8 Nov 2015

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Introducing Dr Reverb E.R. & The Nation:

A Soundscape.

I was lucky enough (thank you Stuart) to pick up a promo code for Reverb – Feedback Delay Network from Amazing Noises today, and given that one of my favourite apps Dedalus is from the same company I was keen to jump straight in and give it a go. I was not disappointed.

I immediately loaded a drumbeat that I made last year (I can’t remember what app I used this was before I started keeping a work diary) and played with it, within a half an hour I had four jams that I loved. I took the third of these and used AudioShare to add a little AUFX:Dub here and there.

Then I took the recording I made yesterday in TC11 and loaded that into Reverb FDN for a little reverb loving and a little slowing down. Finally I loaded them both into Auria for arranging and mixing.

The Video:

I downloaded VidBlend last night and used it here, along with Pinnacle Studio, Generate, CinemaFXV and Vjay.


Day 72: Friday 6 Nov 2015

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Nigel Hasn’t the Foggiest Idea:


Todays Nigel is closely related to Day 69’s post, which included 3 tracks with different patches from Waldorfs Nave at 300bpm.

Today I have experimented with combining different speeds. 4 different Nave patches: 1 at 60bpm, 1 at 120bpm, and two at 240bpm. Plus I have also experimented with adding a simple drumbeat, from DM1 at 60bpm. They were all recorded into AudioShare and then added to Auria for arranging etc. Nigel (if you haven’t been following the series) is a pattern in Fugue Machine.

I think this is my favourite Nigel so far.

The Video:

Two days ago it was foggy at 7am when I walked the dog and it remained foggy all day. Something I’m just not used to; after a year in Norway I still find the weather very exotic.

I took these photos and movies as we drove up the valley to home about 4pm. I thought they would suit this music. Filmed on my iPhone in ProCamera and complied in Pinnacle Studio.

Peace Out.



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