Day 10: Saturday 5 Sept 2015

Soundscape, Tracks, Videos No Comment

The Narrative Of A Micro Aggression (Starring Mr MicroBrute As The Protagonist):

A Soundscape.

The Microbrute recorded with AudioShare and Tonestack twice then collaged in Auria.

Water in a drain recorded with RODE Rec on my iPhone then filtered with Final Touch and AUFX:PeakQ in Audioshare. The barely heard voices at the end are some people approaching as I recorded, I left them in as I felt they added to the ambience 🙂



Day 9: Friday 4 Sept 2015

Beatscape, Tracks, Videos No Comment

Was Ist Das?

A Beatscape.

iKaossilator for the beat. Slowed down in TwistedWave and run through AUFX:Space and Dedalus using AudioShare.

Two tracks of Microbrute through ToneStack.



Day 8: Thursday 3 Sept 2015

Beatscape, Tracks, Videos No Comment

Waiting For The New Me:

A Beatscape.

Using iMascine, iDensity, Microbrute recorded into ToneStack, AudioShare, and of course Auria.


Day 7: Weds 2 Sept 2015

Featuring Trudi McBoody, Spoken Word, Tracks, Videos No Comment


A Soundscape.

Using iSpeech TTS, Sector, Dedalus, TwistedWave, Pixsound, EmoChorus, AUFX:Dub,AUFX:Space, AudioShare, and Auria.


Day 6: Tuesday 1 Sept 2015

Audio, Beatscape, Featuring Trudi McBoody, Spoken Word, Videos No Comment

Composition On A Rainy Day:

A glitchy beatscape with vocals.

Sector, TwistedWave, Addictive Synth, AudioShare and Auria.

Vocals are a poem run through iSpeech TTS twice with different voices then layered.


Day 5: Monday 31 Aug 2015

Beatscape, Featuring Trudi McBoody, Spoken Word, Tracks, Videos No Comment

The Loathing:

A Drone Beatscape with vocals.

Drums are Diode-108 effected with AUFX:Dub and AUFX:Space.

The drone is 5 tracks of MicroBrute recorded using various combinations of ToneStack, AmpKit Plus, and Flux:FX.

The vocals is a poem typed into iSpeech TTS using two different voices. These were ten layered in Auria and treated with AUFX:Space.

All layers were recorded separately in AudioShare then imported to Auria for collaging.


Oh By The Way

Notes and Musings No Comment

It took me till day 19 of my ‘Year Of Posting’ to sort out wordpress etc and get this blog idea running; hence the first days are being posted over a day or two while I catch up.

But don’t worry, I’ll maintain my track making in the meantime 🙂


Day 4: Sunday 30 Aug 2015

Ambient, Beatscape, Tracks, Videos No Comment


An Ambient Beatscape.

Using iMpc Pro, Dedalus, Emo Chorus, Addictive Synth, AudioShare, and Auria.


Day 3: Saturday 29 Aug 2015

Abstract, Soundscape, Tracks, Videos No Comment


An Abstract Soundscape.

I used Soundscaper, TwistedWave, Auria, and AudioShare.


What To Expect Here: guidelines not rules

Notes and Musings No Comment

1- I begin my ‘Year of Posting’ with a group of tracks all made entirely on my iPad or iPhone, and I may do that all year. But I’m not sure how things will develop; as I explore my music world I may move to guitar, or keyboard, or hardware synths, or spoken word, or Ableton and Logic on my laptop, or something else entirely, or a combination of the above.

Who knows.

2- I begin the year with a series of tracks with videos from my YouTube page. I probably won’t have time to do that every day, so I may move to some audio only.

We’ll just have to see how it goes.

I find that the process of putting together a video helps me listen to a track in a different way; so it’s a process I enjoy and find useful.

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