Horns #2

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Even though my Track A Day year of posting has ended, some of you are still visiting this blog daily; so a big thank you for the interest. It’s because of you that I decided to keep posting here, perhaps as some kind of musical diary.

Anyway here is the second of my horn arrangement attempts. Like yesterday’s it is intuitively played in with one horn sound, dupicated, then spread over other sounds; today I used the Marsaille gadget, starting with the muted trumpet and then adding the brass ensemble, trombone, and alto sax sounds. Today I got slightly more adventurous and alterdd the octave for part of the trombone and ensemble sounds.

The drums here are from Bilbao and the bass is from Darwin with very occasional Chicago.

Also like yesterday the time is 5/4 which also an experiment for me.



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As you may have noticed if you checked out yesterdays MixCloud Show I have started to use horn arrangements. This is a new obsession that arrived out of the blue the other day and I have no idea what I am doing, so lots of research and listening is in front of me. It is going to be an ongoing side project for a while and I thought that I would share my trials and my progress or lack of it with those of you who care to follow along. Motown and Stax as well as Afro Beat are the sounds in my head here.

This is the track where this idea arrived unexpectently. I’m just using Gadget here: a muted trumpet from Marseille, a trombone from Darwin, and a Trumpet sax sound also from Darwin.

Oh and it’s in 5/4 time which I’ve never used and don’t really ‘get’ but…well you’ve got to try new stuff at times don’t you?


Totally Fictional #2

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Episode two of Trudi’s radio show. Featuring the 10 tracks that I made last week (or the 10 that I was happy with any way).


Totally Fictional #1

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I thought that I would continue occasional posts for those of you that care to follow my continuing musical journey. I am still working daily though without the pressure of absolutely finishing something each day. That being said I have completed several tracks this week and I thought that I would try a different way to present them. So here is Trudi’s first MixCloud of her new show Totally Fictional.

I hope that you enjoy the journey.


The Final Day! Day 365: Saturday 27 August 2016

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It’s been fun folks, a great experience to learn more about music and more about myself. A huge shout out to those of you who have followed this journey, your support and interest has meant a lot to me. A special thank you to my lovely wife Lene without whose love and support nothing would be possible.

Something a little different for you on this last day. Something that I think is a little bit special…it’s a video, it’s an ambient piece, it’s a spoken word, it’s a field recording.

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you…


Peace and joy to you all Tracklings.


Day 364: Friday 26 August 2016

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Under A Stone:

Only one more post and my Year Of Posting will be complete.

Today I have a Soundscape for you. Chaotic rhythms, voices, and eventually an ambient scene chase each other across the landscape in a six part tango.

iDensity is the star here, I loaded my own files into all six streams but I used an existing preset from Red Sky Lullaby which I adjusted as needed. The whole thing was jammed three times into AudioShare; this is the third jam (it got more and more defined as I went).

Tracks like this illustrate the need to work regularly and often as it takes advantage of multple tracks from multiple days over months. At least two of the files have already been used in previous tracks but I have no issue with introducing the same sounds etc to new contexts. Helper apps today include: iMPC Pro, ApeFilter, Dedalus, ApeDelay, Auria, Xynthesizr, TwistedWave, AUFX:Dub, AUFX:Space, Patterning, and FLUX:FX.



Day 363: Thursday 25 August 2016

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Wandering Womb:

Another Gadget excursion featuring many of my own samples via Bilbao, today also featuring the vocal stylings of the inimitable Trudi McBoody.

Trudi as usual brought to you be iSpeech TTS and TwistedWave. Batteries not included.



Day 362: Weds 24 August 2016

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A gentle groove, a smooth and soothing Beatscape.

Nothing but drum and beat apps were used today. I began in iMaschine 2 using drums in three of the parts, I also had a chordal part but I abandoned that halfway through, as it became more and more obvious that it got in the way of the story. I exported the parts separately and loaded them into Auria for arrangement. Next I loaded a Diode-108 file which I had in my ‘beats’ folder and an iSpark file (which I may have used previously). They were all in related bpms and on listening through my beats folder these two stood out as ones that would fit.

Arrange arrange, mix mix and Bob’s your Uncle.


Day 361: Tuesday 23 August 2016

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The Logician’s Locket Franchise:

Beats and other sounds at 120 bpm, it must be some sort of EDM 🙂

Step One: Make some music in Gadget.

Step Two: Flavour it with AudioShare, ApeFilter, Dedalus, and DubFilter.

Step Three: Place all the ingredients into the Auria mixing bowl and whisk carefully.

Step Four: Add some vocals that have been steeped in Borderlands Ganular.

Step Five: Arrange artfully on the plate and season to taste with AUFX:PeakQ.

Bon Appetit.


Day 360: Monday 22 August 2016

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A Delicate Irritation:

Gadget can be used not only for beat driven EDM stuff but for just about anything that you can imagine. Here I am imagining a delicate melancholy; peaceful but with a darkness, if not looming, at least on the horizon. Perhaps a flower with just the first hint of decay.

Gadget fed into Dedalus, then into TwistedWave, then into Auria for mixing.

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