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Day 238: Friday 22 April 2016

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Too Little Too Soon:

I came armed with my bass today, it’s been way too long since last we met and I really must spend more time with her.

I jammed into Auria using BiasFX and a simple beat from Patterning which I also slowed by 50% in TwistedWave, then I added a little Addictive Synth for good measure.

It makes me happy 🙂


Day 168: Weds 10 Feb 2016

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Follow Me Not – A Bass & Beat ‘Scape In Three Parts:

Intro 0.00-2.42 Body 2.42-8.10 Reprise 8.10-10.42

It’s a Bass ‘Scape! Four layers of bass plus a beat.

This is only my second attempt to incorporate Michelle (my favourite bass who has just returned to my life after an eighteen month absence) into my iPad music making. She is loving it! It is so good to get reaquainted.

I started by loading up Bias Amp and trying out some bass amp models until I found one I liked, then I put that into Bias FX where it slotted straight into a guitar FX chain that was open there, I loved the combination so kept it, just adjusting a few parameters.

Next I opened Auria, put Patterning on one track and Bias FX on another and jammed away.

I recorded several jams, all flowing from each other, and chose 4 for this track; the intro was recorded without the drums and has a free flowing style, while the other three fit together as they are variations of one idea. Still, not all bits worked as a whole so I spent some time arranging.

I also redesigned the drumbeat and recorded it on two tracks with different sounds and slight variations, but ended up keeping the original beat as well because it still fitted and provided some subtle variation.

So this is three tracks of drums and four tracks of bass. A real throwback to my early days 🙂

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