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The Final Day! Day 365: Saturday 27 August 2016

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It’s been fun folks, a great experience to learn more about music and more about myself. A huge shout out to those of you who have followed this journey, your support and interest has meant a lot to me. A special thank you to my lovely wife Lene without whose love and support nothing would be possible.

Something a little different for you on this last day. Something that I think is a little bit special…it’s a video, it’s an ambient piece, it’s a spoken word, it’s a field recording.

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you…


Peace and joy to you all Tracklings.


Day 164: Saturday 6 Feb 2016

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Sometimes Softly:

A Soundscape utilising a field recording.

Sometimes it’s difficult, sometimes it’s not, sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s soft. Sometimes it takes many apps, sometimes only a few, or even just one.

I am having a crisis of confidence and a loss of faith. I no longer feel my measly efforts are worthwhile. I don’t know what to do next. I am paralysed by doubt.

This is not an unusual place for me to be, I recognise these surroundings, I know them well.

Keep moving, that’s the key.

What makes music, what makes a track, what makes a song?

The recording was made with Røde Rec on my iPhone; footsteps in snow, cars driving by, an engine running, a dog barking, wind. And something else; I don’t know what. Collaged in Auria.



Day 114: Friday 18 Dec 2015

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The Protagonist Walks The Dog:

A Soundscape made from a field recording.

I began with a recording of myself walking the dog which I made on my iPhone using Røde Rec.

I tidied it up a bit and added reverb and delay using the inbuilt effects in Auria.

Then I added a slow arpeggio from Addsynth which I time stretched to fit (making it slower still), again using Auria’s inbuilt abilities.


Day 66: Saturday 31 Oct 2015

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A Beatscape with vocals.

I made a beat with Xenon a few weeks ago and left it. Today I revisited it and slowed it down in TwistedWave 🙂 Then I ran it through most of the effect apps I own, really just experimenting. In the end I used three different versions with Korvpressor, Flying Haggis, Master FX, and FLUX:FX. I loaded these into Auria and mixed them together adjusting volume and panning.

It was okay, but to be honest I felt I’d wasted a couple of hours.

I had a look through my Beats folder, the place I put interesting sounding drumbeats that I might use later, and found two that I liked and slowed them down. I decided to jam all three beats together regardless of their tempos etc and see what happens. So into Auria they went and I cut them up and arranged them as suited me.

I wrote some words on the theme ‘disjointed’ and gave them to iSpeech TTS which I loaded into AudioShare and applied some AUFX:Space and slowed it down, then added it to Auria and cut it up etc.

Finally I loaded Fieldscaper into a track in Auria and recorded some soundscape type background. Twice.

Peace out.


Day 58: Friday 23 Oct 2015

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Cafe Conundrum:

A Soundscape.

Todays track is my second play with the new app Fieldscaper.

While sitting in my favourite cafe I did three recordings of the ambient noise, one into each of the oscillators. I applied a different preset to each oscillator and recorded it into AudioShare while adjusting parameters. I then did it again but with AUFX:Space and AUFX:Dub in the effect chain. Next I reversed this file in Twisted Wave. And finally, now that I thought I’d got the hang of, I went for a new longer take.

Now I had four files, all variations of the same theme. I loaded all four into Auria for final arrangement.

The Video:

An artwork that I made with Procreate and iColorama was run through Generate three times using different filters, then all three plus the original were loaded into PicFrame. Then Pinnacle Studio for the arrangement and finally CinemaFXV twice for the textures.



Day 32: Sunday 27 Sept 2015

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A Soundscape.

I began with a jam I did with Thor using one of Jacob Haq’s wonderful bell presets. If you don’t already, I highly recommend that you get to The Soundtestroom and follow his awesome and fun series. The bell sounds are a give away, so here is a taster of his work: giving away 64 Bell presets. Highly, highly HIGHLY recommended.

So I took that jam and slowed it, and reversed it, and blended both versions in Auria. Then I added some Cyclop for extra soundscapy goodness. Next I visited my folder of Field recordings and added a heavily processed recording of children playing, and an unprocessed recording of a crowded cafe (in Trondheim, hence the name).

The Video:

A series of jpegs I made using PicFrame were added to Pinnacle Studio and sequenced in a few ways, these movies were then added back to PicFrame and the resulting movies were put back into Pinnacle before a final run through CinemaFXV.


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