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Grant’s Music Diary 22 March 2017

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I discovered this track from Feb 2016 lying around in one of my folders and decided that I really like it. I was making a lot of Abstract Soundscapes at that time and I have been thinking about making more stuff along that vein.

One of the disadvantages of loving lots of different genres and styles is that I can never decide where to put my energies or what is truly me.

The basic assumption of course is that the music that I make will be better the more ‘authentically’ ‘me’ it is. The problem is that I’m not entirely sure where, or what, or if such an ‘authentic’ me might be found.

The concept of authenticity I often find problematic anyway; it’s usually used by people who want the power to define and limit others, have you noticed how the people who claim to be ‘keeping it real’, never actually are. Also, whatever it is that you are talking about, the closer you look at the boundaries between the authentic and the inauthentic the more grey areas you see, till everything becomes a blur and a blend.

So, if I look at the world and doubt the usefulness or the ‘truth’ of the concept how can I still apply that concept to myself. And if there isn’t an authentic me, what is there? An inauthentic me? Or is that a false dichotomy?

Ah the thoughts that pester…


Grant’s Music Diary Monday 13 March 2017

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This last week has seen a few Gadget and iMaschine tracks plus quite a bit of guitar playing but I’m feeling lost again. This often happens after I finish something intense; in this case the FAWM series of tracks. I then seem to go through a rough patch filled with self doubt and ennui.

I wish that I new how people keep up the self confidence thing.

This piece sounds a little like how I feel at the moment: lost, uncertain, melancholy, slight panic with moments of calm. Made with iMaschine and Dedalus.


Grants Music Diary 24 Dec 2016

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Merry Christmas, God Jul, Happy Holidays trackers.

I’ve made several tracks since last I posted, this beatscape is the most abstract of them so I thought I’d share that.


Grants Music Diary 29/10/16

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Yes, it’s not all horn arrangements in my world, I’m still working on a number of musical approaches. Beatscapes are still a big part of my musical landscape. for example…


Day 364: Friday 26 August 2016

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Under A Stone:

Only one more post and my Year Of Posting will be complete.

Today I have a Soundscape for you. Chaotic rhythms, voices, and eventually an ambient scene chase each other across the landscape in a six part tango.

iDensity is the star here, I loaded my own files into all six streams but I used an existing preset from Red Sky Lullaby which I adjusted as needed. The whole thing was jammed three times into AudioShare; this is the third jam (it got more and more defined as I went).

Tracks like this illustrate the need to work regularly and often as it takes advantage of multple tracks from multiple days over months. At least two of the files have already been used in previous tracks but I have no issue with introducing the same sounds etc to new contexts. Helper apps today include: iMPC Pro, ApeFilter, Dedalus, ApeDelay, Auria, Xynthesizr, TwistedWave, AUFX:Dub, AUFX:Space, Patterning, and FLUX:FX.



Day 349: Thursday 11 August 2016

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Standing In A Glass House: Stone In Hand:

This slightly paranoid Beatscape struggles with itself before the Lithium kicks in.

The beat was made with DM2 and then flavoured with Dedalus, ApeFilter, and FLUX:FX (twice). Also used were AudioShare and Auria.


Day 348: Weds 10 August 2016

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Toad Tango:

An Abstract Soundscape that somehow goes to prove that toads can tango too.

Made primarily with Borderlands Granular and Idensity, both using a Gadget file as the sound source. Some effects courtesy of AUFX:Dub and Dedalus. And finally of course AudioShare was the facilitator and Auria was the queen bee.

Most of today was taken up with ‘housekeeping’, the boring but essential behind the scenes tasks like filing, making space on the iPad, tidying the hard drive etc etc.

It’s not all glamour and glitz at TrackaDay you know 🙂

Keep on truckin’ Trackers.


Day 344: Saturday 6 August 2016

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Scrapyard Bouquet:

An experimental, chaotic, abstract Beatscape. Close your eyes and imagine yourself inside the space.

iPulsaret, ApeFilter, Dedalus, Crystalline, AUFX:Dub, AudioShare.


Day 341: Weds 3 August 2016

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The Crucible Burns (Slow & Dark):

Slow and dark, mean spirited and painful; this Beatscape borders on the chaotic and the abstract, it punishes the pure and the wicked alike, it lavishes it’s disinterested brutality on all comers. You have been warned.

iMaschine 2, Dedalus, ApeFilter, AudioShare.


Day 338: Sunday 31 July 2106

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A slightly off beat and abstract track today made in Gadget but using primarily my own samples loaded in to Abu Dhabi and Bilbao. Only the electric piano is from other Gadgets; I made that with a combination of two Montreals and two Darwins. No other apps were used, just Gadget.

The video was made with Fluid FX, Pinnacle Pro, and CinemaFXV.

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