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Day 182: Weds 25 Feb 2016

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Electric Piano Improv #1:

Solo piano jam.

I know my keyboard skills are rudimentary but I feel like I’m getting somewhere with this approach, so I’m going to pursue this and share some of the results. After all one of the goals of this project is to expand and explore my possibilites.

I woke up this morning, sat down at my work station (dining room table), fired up Korg’s Module, and this popped out.


Day 174: Tuesday 16 Feb 2016

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Sunset Stains The Snow:

Sort of a light ambient jazz piano piece. Which is cheeky of me given I can’t really play either piano or jazz 🙂

This is a straight jam on the keyboard using Korg Module‘s ‘Dark Sine EP’ patch. It relates to Day 169 which began with a similar jam (it’s something I have been slowly developing, and use to practise with), a little C minor blues scale thing. But here I’ve developed the left hand part slightly, and this is more angular. Also that track had additions and alterations; this is just the piano straight and simple.

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