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Grant’s Music Diary 17 August 2017

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Hi guys,

Just letting you know that I’m still here and still beavering away; perhaps a little unfocused at times but beavering away nonetheless.

I seem to have accumulated several unfinished projects that are lying around weighing on my mind, not to mention slowly sorting through the Track A Day pieces for release which is a huge weight of it’s own.

One of the new projects is an idea to do some live performance videos which I hope will interest people as well as encourage myself to develop the live aspect of my iPad music making; an aspect that is sorely in need of some attention.

Here is my first attempt, more a proof of concept video; I hope to improve all aspects both of video making and sound ideas in future vids. Hope you enjoy it anyway.


Grant’s Music Diary July 3rd 2017

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Hi Peeps,

For the last few weeks I haven’t been making any tracks but I have been busy making and assembling samples for my drum apps.

Specifically for Patterning but DM1, ElasticDrums, iMaschine, and iSpark are also sample based and I have been having great fun both making samples and trying them out in each app and seeing what each can do.

Today I assembled 5 beats that I had made in Patterning using 5 sample kits, I loaded them into Auria and made this Beatscape. Then I made a video (which I also haven’t done in a while).

Great fun was had. I hope you enjoy.




The Final Day! Day 365: Saturday 27 August 2016

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It’s been fun folks, a great experience to learn more about music and more about myself. A huge shout out to those of you who have followed this journey, your support and interest has meant a lot to me. A special thank you to my lovely wife Lene without whose love and support nothing would be possible.

Something a little different for you on this last day. Something that I think is a little bit special…it’s a video, it’s an ambient piece, it’s a spoken word, it’s a field recording.

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you…


Peace and joy to you all Tracklings.


Day 338: Sunday 31 July 2106

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A slightly off beat and abstract track today made in Gadget but using primarily my own samples loaded in to Abu Dhabi and Bilbao. Only the electric piano is from other Gadgets; I made that with a combination of two Montreals and two Darwins. No other apps were used, just Gadget.

The video was made with Fluid FX, Pinnacle Pro, and CinemaFXV.


Day 335: Thursday 28 July 2016

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A video for a change!

This Ambient track meanders along like a walk through a vague forest; meanwhile the walls between the self and the other fade, becoming indistinct, amorphous…inviting osmosis.

Apps used: Noatiki 2, AudioShare, ApeFilter, Dedalus, Caramel, TwistedWave, Auria, Patterning. Also Pinnacle Pro and CinemaFXV for the visuals.


Day 246: Saturday 30 April 2016

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Kaos Jam #8:

Just before I began this ‘Year Of Posting’ I did a short series of videos/tracks which I called Electronica Snippets based around either iKaossilator or Figure. A little similar in concept to yesterday’s post from Alchemy except that these two apps are simpler, almost toy like, though I know fans of these apps will not like my saying so. Apologies iKaossilatorettes and Figureistas, I do enjoy using these apps honestly. In fact I relish the challenge of getting something out of them that I like.

Anyway the idea was to make a song in the app and jam it into AudioShare, often using effects to get a little more sonic variation.

Today’s track fits right into this series using as it does iKaossilator, AudioShare, and Dedalus.

Here is a link to the series if you are interested :

The Video:

Some of my usual apps on display again today: Fluid FX, Pinnacle Studio, Generate, and CinemaFX.


Day 242: Weds 27 April 2016

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Keep Calm:

An Ambient Beatscape.

A new beat in iSpark began this piece, I recorded it once into AudioShare straight and again while playing with the repeat feature, then I put both into Auria and did some cutting up and arranging.

I tried to do some vocals using AudioShare and FLUX:FX but for some reason there was no sound though the meter was working, so I sang ‘Why is there no sound’ just to see if it worked. It did but if I couldn’t monitor as I sang it wasn’t really any use to me. So just for fun I loaded what I had into Samplr and had a play recording the result into AudioShare and loading it into the Auria project for some more arranging. Finally I added some grain synthesis ambient goodness from Grain Science and Sparkle.


Day 241: Monday 25 April 2016

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The Silver Lining:

Everything was done inside Auria today. Beginning with Patterning, then two layers of Poseidon, then two layers of Bass both playing Michelle into BiasFX.

The Video:

Stills made in iColorama, arranged in Pinnacle Studio then run through Generate, both versions layered using Vjay before being run through CinemaFX.


Day 214: Monday 28 March 2016

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All Will Be Still:

An Ambient Beatscape with Spoken Word.

Today began with Xynthesizr which I enjoy but don’t use often; I made three ‘songs’ with related scales and bpm’s and jammed them into AudioShare, switching between them and altering parameters as I went. I did this twice and got good but quite different results both times which I effected with Dedalus.

Next I put both into Auria and combined them along with a simple beat from iSpark, again jamming between settings as I recorded. Next I cut out one bass drum hit and repeated it occasionally in it’s own track and effected it with Crystalline.

I felt it needed something more, something abstract; so I turned to iDensity which I loaded with a Module electric piano track in all 4 positions. The result of that was feed into Grain Science and effected with Crystalline and Bias FX. This was then added to Auria and arranged.

The final ingredient was the vocals, I wrote the words and then recorded them using AudioShare, AUFX:Peak, and AltiSpace.


The Video:

iColorama, HyperDroste, PicFrame, Pinnacle Pro, CinemaFXV. In that order 🙂


Day 204: Thursday 17 March 2016

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Wasted Space:

A Beatscape today.

Today’s culprits are: Patterning, along with AudioShare, AltiSpace, and Crystalline for the beat. Poseidon for the bass and the climb-down. Shoom, Borderlands Granular, TwistedWave, Apefilter, and AltiSpace for the ambient soundscape background.

The Video:

Pinnacle Pro, CinemaFX, iColorama

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