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Day 295: Saturday 18 June 2016

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Nit Picking (for The Lord):

I have no idea what to call this one, I’m going with ‘Abstract Beatscape/Vocalscape’ but I’m not entirely sure if that’s right, though it’s an accurate enough description I suppose. Which is fine, we don’t have to cater to obsessive genre labelling now do we? We don’t want to hand the world over to the marketing people do we?

But I digress.

This piece revolves around the juxtaposition of two elements; each one simple but filled with subtle changes, each coming and going and sharing the space in semi-regular but subtly changing ways.

At 9 and a half minutes it’s a fairly long track but, for me, the small variations and unexpected fluctuations hold my interest throughout. Let me know what you think.

The beat was made with Patterning and FLUX:FX in AudioShare. The vocal was made with Samplr, FLUX:FX, Auria, and AudioShare. Both were made on different days a month or so ago and have been sitting in AudioShare awaiting their moment in the sun. Today I put them both into Auria and collaged/arranged them as you hear here. (hee hee I said ‘hear here’ hee hee)

Peace out tracklings.


Day 244: Thursday 28 April 2016

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A treat for you today, three tracks in one! In fact I’m so happy with today’s work that I may release it as an EP; the tracks are so different but they make up a greater whole.

That’s my thought and my hope anyway šŸ™‚

Part One…is an Ambient piece made with Shoom, iMaschine 2, and Auria.

Part Two…is a Vocalscape based around a poem that I read into AudioShare before running it through: Borderlands Granular, Sector, and Samplr. Each resulting file was added to Auria for arranging along with an abstract jam that I made in Addictive Synth.

Part Three…has three tracks of guitar played into Auria using BiasFX along with a track of drums from Patterning and some effecting from FLUX:FX.

It’s funny how things work sometimes. I have had this poem sitting around for a couple of months waiting for aĀ place to use it and this morning after I had made first the ambientĀ and then the guitarĀ pieces, I just ‘knew’ that a vocalscape made from it would fit in the middle and tie everything together.

Hope you like it.


Day 242: Weds 27 April 2016

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Keep Calm:

An Ambient Beatscape.

A new beat in iSpark began this piece, I recorded it once into AudioShare straight and again while playing with the repeat feature, then I put both into Auria and did some cutting up and arranging.

I tried to do some vocals using AudioShare and FLUX:FX but for some reason there was no sound though the meter was working, so I sang ‘Why is there no sound’ just to see if it worked. It did but if I couldn’t monitor as I sang it wasn’t really any use to me. So just for fun I loaded what I had into Samplr and had a play recording the result into AudioShare and loading it into the Auria project for some more arranging. Finally I added some grain synthesis ambient goodness from Grain Science and Sparkle.


Day 239: Saturday 23 April 2016

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Visiting Circe:

A soundscape.

I used Grain Science and Borderlands Granular for this, assembled in Auria.


Day 218: Friday 1 April 2016

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Skeletal Revisit:


This cpmbines two Borderlands Granular files that I made earlier, one using a Patterning file as a source, the other using a lyric Recite processed with AudioShare, AltiSpace, and Sector. The latter has already been used as a part of Day 143’s Skeletal, so this track directly refers to/is related to that one.

I combined both files in Auria and added some Shoom.



Day 144: Sunday 17 Jan 2016

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A Vocalscape, a Soundscape.

Today was one of those days where I spent ages making something that eventually got all but removed from the track.

I made a vocal recording with AudioShare and AltiSpace, loaded it into Borderlands Granular, slowed the resulting file in TwistedWave, effected it with Emo Chorus, and separately with FLUX:FX, mixed them all in Auria, then loaded the result into TwistedWave and slowed and lowered it.

The resulting file became the backbone for this track only to be cut up and mostly erased from the final product.

I now made a ‘vocal’ track with iSpeech TTS, AudioShare, AltiSpace, and TwistedWave. Then ran it through Sector and Borderlands Granular. Loaded them all into Auria for cutting up and arranging.

Next I added a lead line from Poseidon, another from Grain Science, and an organ from Lyra.

Now is when I realised that the initial sound was holding things back so I removed most of it.

And finally I loaded both basic vocal tracks as a coda.


Day 143: Saturday 16 Jan

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Soundscape, Dronescape, Vocalscape, Spoken Word, Ambient. Take your pick.

This began with some lyrics recited into AudioShare with Altispace which I took into Sector and then into Borderlands Granular. I also took it into TwistedWave and slowed, lowered, and reversed it.

I now had four variations which I arranged in Auria, also adding two drones from Addictive Synth.


Day 126: Weds 30 Dec 2015

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A Vocalscape.

I took the vocal from yesterday’s post and slowed it/lowered it/reversed it in TwistedWave, then looped it in AudioShare with AUFX:Dub, AUFX:Space, and Dedalus. Then I ran it through Sector. Then I loaded both files into Borderlands Granular and did a jam.

The end result is simply loading all three of these into Auria and arranging slightly.


Day 123: Sunday 27 Dec 2015

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A Vocalscape. All the sounds here are from vocals, My son Marley and I šŸ™‚

I took the vocals from my entry to the iPad Musicians Group Christmas Competition (which you can hear if you likeĀ, which I had recorded with AudioShare and Altispace, and ran them through Sector with AUFX:Space and AUFX:Dub.

I also took a vocal that didn’t make it into the final song; slowed it by half in TwistedWave, slowed it by half again, and looped it in AudioShare with more reverb and delay. I then reversed it and loaded both versions into Auria Pro. This became the background in which the other vocals swim.


Day 122: Saturday 26 Dec 2015

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Vocalscape. That is almost all the sounds are vocals.

I began to play with VoiceJamStudio for the first time. It was a mixed experience but I was happy with this end result.

I exported my first attempt into AudioShare and ran it through AUFX:Space and AUFX:Dub. Then I ran it though Dedalus as well. I then opened each version in TwistedWave and slowed them all by 80% and lowered them by three semitones. Next I loaded all three tracks into Auria, did a little panning, and effected two of them with Emo Chorus.

I felt it needed a little more emphasis on the simple beat so I added a bass drum from Patterning.

Then I went back to VoiceJamStudio and recorded a second line, ran it through the same process as the first and added those files into Auria as a second part.

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