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Day 257: Weds 11 May 2016

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Cast Off/Cast Away:

I began with Patterning today, recording to AudioShare with ApeFilter and FLUX:FX, building the beat up with the effects until I was happy with it; jamming as I went until eventually I got the arrangement I needed. I then loaded that into Auria where I recorded a bass drum only version to another track (effected with Caramel), and another bass drum only version (effected with FLUX:FX). I panned them both left and right and mixed them low enough to just provide a little edge.

Next came the guitars; three tracks recorded via BiasFX with different settings. And the bass; two tracks also via BiasFX. I had no plan here and no idea what I wanted but I found the end result pleasing so I have left it as it is.

To finish off I ran the final mix through TwistedWave to slow it by 70% which began to really sound like the sounds in my head and my gut.


Day 253: Saturday 7 May 2016

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A few days ago I began this track playing my Bass along to a simple Patterning beat in Auria, I used ToneStack to make the bass sound but I had trouble with it so I put the track aside and moved on.

Today I re-approached it.

I still couldn’t get ToneStack to work nor BiasFX; I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but I often have trouble with these apps. Anyway I resorted to a combination of FLUX:FX and Caramel to approximate the distorted Bass sound that I was after. I also made a variation of the Patterning beat by recording it into AudioShare with a variety of FLUX:FX settings then loaded that back into Auria and used the bits that fit best.

Next I copied the Bass onto a new track, pitch shifted it up two octaves and effected it with Emo Chorus. Then I copied that and effected it with Swoopster and panned both.

Finally I added a Sparkle file that I made this morning using an iMashine file as source and a TC-11 file as target. I don’t pretend to know what that means or how Sparkle works (I am manual allergic after all), I just play around until I get stuff that I like. Anyway I thought that the random abstractness of this track would work well and it did 🙂

Peace Out Hip Chicks and Dudes and remember ‘do no harm but take no shit’.


Day 241: Monday 25 April 2016

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The Silver Lining:

Everything was done inside Auria today. Beginning with Patterning, then two layers of Poseidon, then two layers of Bass both playing Michelle into BiasFX.

The Video:

Stills made in iColorama, arranged in Pinnacle Studio then run through Generate, both versions layered using Vjay before being run through CinemaFX.


Day 238: Friday 22 April 2016

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Too Little Too Soon:

I came armed with my bass today, it’s been way too long since last we met and I really must spend more time with her.

I jammed into Auria using BiasFX and a simple beat from Patterning which I also slowed by 50% in TwistedWave, then I added a little Addictive Synth for good measure.

It makes me happy 🙂


Day 169: Thursday 11 Feb 2016

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Sunset; Light Snow Falling:

An Ambient piece today.

Mostly electric piano; I used Korg’s Module to jam a slow and sparse Cm thing which I then slowed in TwistedWave by 70% (because slower and sparse equals better). I also reversed it and loaded both versions into Auria where I selected a few bits from the reversed version and blended them together. Finally I went back to yesterday’s track and cut out one sound of me whacking the bass strings with the pick (Bias FX), which I then added in a few places here.


Day 168: Weds 10 Feb 2016

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Follow Me Not – A Bass & Beat ‘Scape In Three Parts:

Intro 0.00-2.42 Body 2.42-8.10 Reprise 8.10-10.42

It’s a Bass ‘Scape! Four layers of bass plus a beat.

This is only my second attempt to incorporate Michelle (my favourite bass who has just returned to my life after an eighteen month absence) into my iPad music making. She is loving it! It is so good to get reaquainted.

I started by loading up Bias Amp and trying out some bass amp models until I found one I liked, then I put that into Bias FX where it slotted straight into a guitar FX chain that was open there, I loved the combination so kept it, just adjusting a few parameters.

Next I opened Auria, put Patterning on one track and Bias FX on another and jammed away.

I recorded several jams, all flowing from each other, and chose 4 for this track; the intro was recorded without the drums and has a free flowing style, while the other three fit together as they are variations of one idea. Still, not all bits worked as a whole so I spent some time arranging.

I also redesigned the drumbeat and recorded it on two tracks with different sounds and slight variations, but ended up keeping the original beat as well because it still fitted and provided some subtle variation.

So this is three tracks of drums and four tracks of bass. A real throwback to my early days 🙂


Day 121: Friday 25 Dec 2015

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Michelle Says Hello:

Merry Christmas Track-A-Dayers.

Today’s post is a celebration, both of the time of year and for my reconnecting with an old friend. Michelle is my favourite bass; we have been separated for 18 months, living on opposite sides of the globe so this is her first (but certainly not last) appearance on Track A Day.

I changed her strings, gave her a loving clean, plugged her in to my iPad using the iRig Pro, fired up ToneStack, and had a good old reaquainting-jammimg-up-a-storm-hoedown.

I had been working on a beat in Auria using ElasticDrums and Patterning, so I added Michelle to the mix…and the rest is history 🙂

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did.


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