Day 250: Weds 4 May 2016

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Having A Nice Day…:

This posting daily thing is feeling a bit tough at the moment… I’m lacking inspiration and excitement.

I’ve also got no closer to working out what I want to do. There are so many elements in music and so many ways to make music that it can become overwhelming and confusing. I was hoping that this exercise would afford me some clarity but I find myself as confused and lost as ever.

Anyway, this an Abstract Soundscape (almost a Noisescape). Which I must admit is one off the ways of working, and conceiving sound, that I find most satisfying.

I used Patterning, FLUX:FX, TC-11 and Tera Synth for the sounds. AudioShare and Auria for the recording and arranging.


Day 249: Tuesday 3 May

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Frosted Taters:

An iMaschine jam with a little AUFX:Dub for good measure.


Day 248: Monday 2 May 2016

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Shelter From The Storm:

I have some Dark Ambient for you delectation today 🙂

I did a Shoom jam, then I did a Grain Science jam, then I combined them in Auria. Finally I loaded up iMaschine 2 with yesterday’s song still loaded, but with each channel muted, and I jammed along by un-muting and re-muting as I saw fit.

Well I had fun anyway.


Day 247: Sunday 1 May 2016

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The Elephant In The Room:

A Noisescape today.

Made entirely with iMaschine 2 jammed into AudioShare with ApeFilter and Dedalus as effects, one take no edits.


Day 246: Saturday 30 April 2016

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Kaos Jam #8:

Just before I began this ‘Year Of Posting’ I did a short series of videos/tracks which I called Electronica Snippets based around either iKaossilator or Figure. A little similar in concept to yesterday’s post from Alchemy except that these two apps are simpler, almost toy like, though I know fans of these apps will not like my saying so. Apologies iKaossilatorettes and Figureistas, I do enjoy using these apps honestly. In fact I relish the challenge of getting something out of them that I like.

Anyway the idea was to make a song in the app and jam it into AudioShare, often using effects to get a little more sonic variation.

Today’s track fits right into this series using as it does iKaossilator, AudioShare, and Dedalus.

Here is a link to the series if you are interested :

The Video:

Some of my usual apps on display again today: Fluid FX, Pinnacle Studio, Generate, and CinemaFX.


Day 245: Friday 29 April 2016

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Alchemy A Day #4:

Some kind of slow and funky electronica today. Specific genre unknown. If you know give me a shout.

I have began making a series of quick and dirty tracks in both Alchemy and iMaschine. Both apps have four channels or tracks or sounds to work with and I find that plenty, and both apps I find easy and fun to play with and I almost always get something worth while from the fun. I have some other similar apps and will probably expand the idea to them. But the idea is that I play with the app and record whatever comes out, then just accept that and leave it. No moving it to other apps and effecting it and using one hundred apps to build an idea (though of course I love doing that). Just one app, one project/file, one jam into AudioShare, and move on. Simple, fast, and dirty.

Well it’s one way to work anyway 🙂

So I’m calling them ‘Alchemy A Day’ and ‘iMachine A Day’ (not that I’m committing to do one every day mind) and this the fourth of the Alchemy series.


Day 244: Thursday 28 April 2016

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A treat for you today, three tracks in one! In fact I’m so happy with today’s work that I may release it as an EP; the tracks are so different but they make up a greater whole.

That’s my thought and my hope anyway 🙂

Part One…is an Ambient piece made with Shoom, iMaschine 2, and Auria.

Part Two…is a Vocalscape based around a poem that I read into AudioShare before running it through: Borderlands Granular, Sector, and Samplr. Each resulting file was added to Auria for arranging along with an abstract jam that I made in Addictive Synth.

Part Three…has three tracks of guitar played into Auria using BiasFX along with a track of drums from Patterning and some effecting from FLUX:FX.

It’s funny how things work sometimes. I have had this poem sitting around for a couple of months waiting for a place to use it and this morning after I had made first the ambient and then the guitar pieces, I just ‘knew’ that a vocalscape made from it would fit in the middle and tie everything together.

Hope you like it.


Day 242: Weds 27 April 2016

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Keep Calm:

An Ambient Beatscape.

A new beat in iSpark began this piece, I recorded it once into AudioShare straight and again while playing with the repeat feature, then I put both into Auria and did some cutting up and arranging.

I tried to do some vocals using AudioShare and FLUX:FX but for some reason there was no sound though the meter was working, so I sang ‘Why is there no sound’ just to see if it worked. It did but if I couldn’t monitor as I sang it wasn’t really any use to me. So just for fun I loaded what I had into Samplr and had a play recording the result into AudioShare and loading it into the Auria project for some more arranging. Finally I added some grain synthesis ambient goodness from Grain Science and Sparkle.


Day 242: Tuesday 26 April 2016Tacoma

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Somehow things sound a little different whenever I use a physical or hardware instrument along side the iPad.

Today I was MicroBrute-ing. There are three tracks from the MicroBrute in fact; recorded into Auria with BiasFX. Plus one from iSem, plus the jackhammer type sounds which are from iSpark.


Day 241: Monday 25 April 2016

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The Silver Lining:

Everything was done inside Auria today. Beginning with Patterning, then two layers of Poseidon, then two layers of Bass both playing Michelle into BiasFX.

The Video:

Stills made in iColorama, arranged in Pinnacle Studio then run through Generate, both versions layered using Vjay before being run through CinemaFX.

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