Day 93: Friday 27 Nov 2015

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Profit of the Bored (featuring Trudi McBoody):

Genre Unknown :)

Another play with my Patterning drum kit into AudioShare effected with Dedalus was the start of this track. I loaded it into Auria and added a Poseidon arp bass patch that I made the other day. Then I loaded PhaseRings into a track and jammed along.

Finally a wrote a little lyric and typed it into iSpeech TTS, imported the result to AudioShare, effected it with AltiSpace, slowed it by 80% and lowered it by 1 semitone in TwistedWave, and imported the result to Auria for arranging.

Ta Da!


Supplementary Post: The Metal Heart Trilogy

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The last three days posts are all related; here they are in one playlist for those interested :)


Day 92: Thursday 26 Nov 2015

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Metal Embryo:


Today’s track is the third of a trilogy which began with an AnalogKit drum beat recorded into AudioShare with AUFX:Space, AUFX:Dub, and Dedalus. Today I took a version of the beat which I had slowed by half in TwistedWave and ran it through: Altispace and Echo Pad, then just Altispace, then Altispace and Caramel. All four versions were loaded into Auria for panning and mixing. Next I added a piece from yesterdays post created with Soundscaper and TwistedWave (just the last few seconds), and some drum hits from a cool drum set in Alchemy.


Day 91: Weds 25 Nov 2015

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Metal Heart Rusty Blade:


Todays post is directly related to yesterdays. They both began in the same place; a Beatscape that I made using AnalogKit, recorded into AudioShare using AUFX:Space, AUFX:Dub, Dedalus, and FLUX:FX. Yesterday this was the scaffolding around which I built the track only to find that it had become superfluous. Today I began again because I loved it and felt it had more to offer.

They are also related because I used one of the ThumbJam recordings from yesterday; the flute. I added both to a new project in Auria but I wanted todays track to remain focused on the Beatscape, so I cut up the flute track into single notes or short phrases and distributed them around. Next I loaded Soundscaper and recorded it, I took a segment of that into TwistedWave and reversed it, then used both pieces. Next I added the flute file into Borderlands Granular, recorded a take, put that into Auria and time stretched it.

Peace Out.


Day 90: Tues 24 Nov 2015

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Slowly Melting My Metal Heart:


ThumbJam was my main app today. It’s not one I use a lot, though I should, it’s way cool. I messed around with it loaded in AudioShare and recorded a few jams with different instruments in the same scale. Then I loaded them all into Auria and did my assemblage/disassemblage/collage thing :)



Day 89: Monday 23 Nov 2015

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Directions: Enter Stage Left/Exit Stage Right:

Yes it’s a Dyptch of Beatscapes today.

Both were created in Patterning using the same drum kit, my own. Both were jammed into AudioShare with Dedalus. I love working this way; the composition is made by turning on and off individual parts, as well as altering elements within parts. So even though the kit is the same, each time you play it you improvise a new version.

Though I used the same kit in both tracks, as you can hear, I have altered the properties of some of the sounds as well as some of the patterns. Also Exit Stage Right has had a little judicious sprinkling of AUFX:Dub added; cause FUN.

Peace Out.


Day 88: Sunday 22 Nov 2015

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Nigel Keeps A Weather Eye Out:


Yes Nigel returns. My ongoing project of doing many things with one project in Fugue Machine. Today I used 80 bpm and began by clothing Nigel in one of favourite Addictive Synth presets. Then I loaded up Poseidon and searched for some sounds that I thought would work; I did this by hitting the random button until I was happy with something, recording it with Nigel in AudioShare or within Poseidon for 5 minutes or so, then moving on. When I had 7 files to choose from I loaded them all into Auria and had a play. In the end I used the Addictive Synth sound as the basis and brought the others in and out for extra colour, form, and texture.

The Video:

One photo of a bridge through the fog taken with ProCamera on my iPhone, loaded into Pinnacle Studio and very slowly panned. The titles were done in Procreate and Phonto. When assembled I ran it through CinemaFXV.


Musing & Bio… On Loving Bass

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I am a Bass Player.

It’s a funny fact about myself. Like my love of black jelly beans, or my inability to learn Norwegian :)

But to me it is quite fundamental.

I am a Bass Player.

‘Hello my name is Grant and I am a Bass Player.’

Except (though it is a sort of addiction), it’s not a problem, but a strength. Or at least an interesting fact for me to recognise.

(segue alert)

I began my musical journey at 15 or 16 by learning Bob Dylan songs on a three quarter size guitar that my parents had given me when I was 6. Apparently my mum would lose me in the city and find me staring transfixed at the guitars in the window of the local music store. Unfortunately what my parents failed to recognise, or more likely they didn’t have the money to realise, was that I was staring at the beautiful hollow bodied electric guitars, with dreams of The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. It took two years for my parents to get around to music lessons (procrastination must run in families cause it’s a vice I too suffer); but again my dreams of musical coolness did not really include riding in the winter on my push bike, to an old lady whose house smelt of stale urine, to learn ‘Oh my Darling Clementine’. I only lasted a full term because my mum insisted that it was already paid for.

Anyway, by the time I was 15 I couldn’t hold back the desire to play. So long evening hours in my bedroom with Bob Dylan songbooks ensued. And eventually I was a guitarist in a couple of bands with high school friends at 19 or so.


Life really began for me when I despaired of ever being able to play.

Looking back on it now I think this was my first severe depressive episode, though it wasn’t severe compared to what was to come (but that’s another story). Anyway, crippling self doubt and all that; I thought I was shit and I should just give up. But I decided to give it one last try; I had sometimes swapped instruments with the Bass Player in my first band and enjoyed it thoroughly, so I went into debt and got a bass and amp. In my mind this was it the final throw! If I can’t do this I’m giving up.

What a revelation!

After a false start or two I realised that this was what I was meant to be. The two instruments are superficially similar (after all the tuning is almost the same) but their roles are very different. The very fact of the register difference is crucial here. (A fact that was reinforced for me years later when I learned the mandolin). You are playing a very different instrument.

So… for eleven years or more I was almost exclusively a Bass Player. For a lot of that time I didn’t even own another instrument. I did flirt with my first Synth in there somewhere (but again that’s another story). I thought as a Bass Player, I breathed as a Bass Player, I dreamed as a Bass Player, I moved as a Bass Player…you get the idea.

Where was I going with this?

Oh yeah… bass lines have been creeping back into my music lately. I don’t even have a bass. I mean I own several but they are on the other side of the world. More and more I realise how much I miss my bass. A bass. Any bass.


Day 87: Saturday 21 Nov 2015

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A Beatscape.

Two elements, one smooth and one chaotic, vie for attention…

I took the beat that I made yesterday in iMaschine 2, slowed it down and added more elements; a few more drum hits and a bassline. All within the app.

Then I recorded it to AudioShare while muting and unmoving parts to make a composition. Then I ran it through AUFX:Dub and then through Dedalus, both times manipulating the effect over the course of the track.

Finally I moved it to Auria so I could add an iDensity track to it. I felt it needed some more random element. Some of the iDensity didn’t really work so I cut out bits and moved things around and faded things in and out till I was happy.


Day 86: Friday 20 Nov 2015

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What Matters Matters:

A Beatscape.

iMaschine 2 was used again today, one beat jammed into AudioShare with AUFX:Space, done 4 times using different sounds. And twice with just the bass drum. Then all 6 versions were loaded into Auria and layered and arranged and collaged and manipulated and manicured until they behaved. Dedalus also played a role here.

Then a Poseidon drone/simple melody with Johnny (from Holderness Media) added for some tremolo goodness, then an iDensity piece that I had prepared earlier.

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