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Random Post

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Nothing particular to say today, just that I finished this track and it’s unusually happy…

So I though I’d share 🙂


Totally Fictional #4

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Five tracks made over one week plus one from earlier in the year, all very synth and beat heavy. Two are jams; I am experimenting with ways to build up a live set.


Grant’s Music Diary 17 August 2017

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Hi guys,

Just letting you know that I’m still here and still beavering away; perhaps a little unfocused at times but beavering away nonetheless.

I seem to have accumulated several unfinished projects that are lying around weighing on my mind, not to mention slowly sorting through the Track A Day pieces for release which is a huge weight of it’s own.

One of the new projects is an idea to do some live performance videos which I hope will interest people as well as encourage myself to develop the live aspect of my iPad music making; an aspect that is sorely in need of some attention.

Here is my first attempt, more a proof of concept video; I hope to improve all aspects both of video making and sound ideas in future vids. Hope you enjoy it anyway.


Grant’s Music Diary Sunday 5 March 2017

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This is an addendum to yesterday’s Gadget fun. Here i’ve used iMaschine 2 to make a quick track (about  2 hours or so) and I’ve used the same vocal sample as yesterday plus adding some of my own guitar and a beat from my Teenage Engineering PO-12.

Typically I will sit down with a coffee after walking my dog first thing in the morning and make some music. If I’m feeling tired or uncertain I can just fire up one of these two apps and have a play…


Grant’s Music Diary 4 March 2017

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I intend to carry on with the words and guitar experiments that I spent Feb pursuing and already have some new tracks building but I cannot express how much fun I have just sitting down with Gadget on my iPad and playing around, a track nearly always emerges…



Grant’s Music Diary 20 Jan 2017

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Another duo of tracks, one from Gadget and one from iMaschine 2.

If I’m feeling uninspired I can open both these apps and be almost guaranteed a result. Interestingly they both lead me in slightly different directions.


Grant’s Music Diary 18 Jan 2017

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I have still been in a quiet phase these last two weeks; not many tracks to show for my efforts and some days I haven’t even been able to muster the energy to even try. Today saw two tracks emerge however and I present them both below.

I’m trying to get back into the habit of going into the workroom at the start of each day no matter my mood etc.


Grant’s Music Diary 1/01/2017

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Happy New Year Trackers. Lets hope we all have a good one.

The days are short and the nights are long here in Norway but no snow in January is a sad sight to see.

I’ve only done two tracks this week which is the quietest week in a long long time, but my mind has been contemplating sound the whole time, and I hope that contemplation will bear fruit soon.

This is one of those tracks: it is my most complex Gadget piece ever and though quite long it does go through several stages or sections and I hope it is enjoyable throughout. For some reason I have gone very ‘synthy’ lately.


Grant’s Music Diary 30 November 2016

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Back to Gadget but still without horns, I got the new Korg app Odessei (based on the Arp Odyssey synth) recently and decided to have a play with it’s Gadget version Lexington. I must say that I am enjoying this synth much more than I usually enjoy subtractive synths.

I got 4 instances of it in this track before it began to strain my iPad. Also used were 5 instances of Darwin for the bass drone (I often craft one sound in Gadget from multiple sounds) and Bilbao for the drums.

I hope that you enjoy this gentle track.




Grant’s Music Diary 26 November 2016

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Hi Trackers, sorry for the lack of posts this month.

I have been having one of my recurring depressive episodes (which often happens with the onset of winter) and therefore have been full of doubts and self loathing, not to mention being unable to concentrate or focus for long. All of which has left my music floundering a bit; I have several unfinished pieces that I don’t have the energy to revisit (which is not like me), and I’m having difficulty sorting through my options and projects to decide what to do next.

Thank goodness for iMaschine! It’s relative simplicity and it’s comfortable workflow means that I can still produce tracks with it.

This is my favourite from this month, it has a soothing quality which may explain that.


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