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Grant’s Music Diary 24 November 2017

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Tumbleweeds abound here lately.

It’s not that I haven’t been working, just that I’ve been a little discouraged of late. Not to mention a little lacking in direction; or perhaps it’s just lacking in energy. My head is always full of music, so perhaps I’m just in a period of gestation. Soundscapes, Beatscapes, Synthscapes, Spoken Word pieces; all swirling around in my imagination crowding around for my attention, and me a little bemused and unable to focus.

Anyway here is a Beatscape that I made yesterday which gives me joy. May it give you some too.



Grant’s Music Diary July 3rd 2017

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Hi Peeps,

For the last few weeks I haven’t been making any tracks but I have been busy making and assembling samples for my drum apps.

Specifically for Patterning but DM1, ElasticDrums, iMaschine, and iSpark are also sample based and I have been having great fun both making samples and trying them out in each app and seeing what each can do.

Today I assembled 5 beats that I had made in Patterning using 5 sample kits, I loaded them into Auria and made this Beatscape. Then I made a video (which I also haven’t done in a while).

Great fun was had. I hope you enjoy.




Grants Music Diary Feb 3 2017 (FAWM #1)

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I have decided to participate in FAWM this year. That’s February Album Writing Month, I seem to need some thing to focus on, perhaps this will help me clarify my direction and bring things together.

I’m going to try and write words for each track, perhaps experiment with song form a little more, I also have in mind something sparse, but quite what that means I an unsure.

This first one is a spoken word piece over a minimal beatscape, so not really a song. But you have to start somewhere ­čÖé



Grants Music Diary 24 Dec 2016

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Merry Christmas, God Jul, Happy Holidays trackers.

I’ve made several tracks since last I posted, this beatscape is the most abstract of them so I thought I’d share that.


Grant’s Music Diary 9/11/16

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More downtempo electronica from iMaschine 2, it’s so much fun to make these.


Grants Music Diary 29/10/16

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Yes, it’s not all horn arrangements in my world, I’m still working on a number of musical approaches. Beatscapes are still a big part of my musical landscape. for example…


Totally Fictional #1

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I thought that I would continue occasional posts for those of you that care to follow my continuing musical journey. I am still working daily though without the pressure of absolutely finishing something each day. That being said I have completed several tracks this week and I thought that I would try a different way to present them. So here is Trudi’s first MixCloud of her new show Totally Fictional.

I hope that you enjoy the journey.


Day 362: Weds 24 August 2016

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A gentle groove, a smooth and soothing Beatscape.

Nothing but drum and beat apps were used today. I began in iMaschine 2 using drums in three of the parts, I also had a chordal part but I abandoned that halfway through, as it became more and more obvious that it got in the way of the story. I exported the parts separately and loaded them into Auria for arrangement. Next I loaded a Diode-108 file which I had in my ‘beats’ folder and an iSpark file (which I may have used previously). They were all in related bpms and on listening through my beats folder these two stood out as ones that would fit.

Arrange arrange, mix mix and Bob’s your Uncle.


Day 355: Weds 17 August 2016

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Illegal Delivery:

Yes it’s short, minimal, and soothing. It’s sweet and gentle; like a fine wine or the memory of favourite old times, like a dream during a nap on a sunny afternoon, like a sip of Bailey’s. Like a quiet smile.

All the sounds here were sampled from AnalogKit in AudioShare then loaded into Bilbao in Gadget via Dropbox; so expect to hear them again in other situations. The final song was exported to AudioShare and treated with AUFX:Dub.

May your day be simple and sweet.

Love Grant


Day 350: Friday 12 August 2016

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Cruciform Peritonitis:

A solemn Soundscape takes a  melancholy turn with the introduction of melodic and beat elements.

Soundscaper recorded with AUFX:Dub, FLUX:FX, and Dedalus in AudioShare using a Gadget file as sound source. Combined in Auria with an iMaschine jam.

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