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Grant’s Music Diary September 6 2017

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I’ve spent more time sorting and organising my many files, and unposted tracks, and bits and pieces, than I have actually making music this month. Hey housekeeping chores are essential and I am guilty of procrastinating my way around them (more than once) till my iPad is choked and groaning under the weight. So while my inspiration levels are low I decided it was a good time to try and catch up.

It’s still an ongoing process which has surprised me at times; lots of good tracks unposted, lots of unfinished tracks that deserve more effort spent on them. As well as lots of crap to go in the trash of course.

So if you’d like to check out some of my discoveries my Soundcloud postings of the last month is all full of these old tracks.

This one I discovered today and I’m only partially happy with it; I probably need to re-record the vocals, probably in a more spoken word style rather than this half sung monotone, and perhaps in a different setting…I’m happy with words…Open to suggestions.



Grant’s Music Diary Feb 28 2017 (FAWM#5)

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The aim of FAWM is 14 songs in the month but I have stopped at 11. I am happy with this collection though and 11 songs is a pretty good album length I think.

I didn’t achieve my goal of writing in a more ‘song’ style because I just couldn’t get that to work. I have some unfinished bits but the whole spoken poem in a musical setting seems to work better for me. That’s a useful discovery anyway 🙂

My other goal of using more guitar in my iPad music has worked quite well though, I intend to keep that up.

Here is the final collection of songs which I feel makes a nice album. I hope you agree.


Grant’s Music Diary Feb 21 2017 (FAWM#4)

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Well I’ve been beavering away this last week or so trying to write words that I can use, and trying to find aways to incorporate guitar into my iPad Soundscapes etc. Trying to find some ‘Songs’.

And largely failing in that endeavour. The song part of it anyway.

I have enjoyed trying to focus on writing words (which as I have mentioned before I find really difficult) and though I have mainly found poem/texty sort of Spoken Word things rather than ‘lyrics’ which might be sung, I do quite like the results.

I have also enjoyed reacquainting myself with my old guitar playing self and thinking about how differently I approach music through different instruments and techniques. As well as what that might mean in the long run.

I have 9 tracks so far with a few more coming up, so here is a link to the entire playlist so far, I hope you enjoy them.


Grants Music Diary (FAWM #3)

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Still struggling with this, words are so hard to come by. I’ve also been trying to bring guitar into things but it has been so long since I played regularly that it’s taking me some time to get comfortable with the instrument again. I think I’m starting to get there.

This track is just guitar and vocal. I improvised the guitar using BiasFX on my iPad and then added the spoken word in Auria.


Grants Music Diary Feb 9 2017 (FAWM #2)

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I’m struggling with this. Number two is another spoken word set this time in an ambient soundscape which I hope suits it.

Words are difficult to get as usual and I want to experiment with more song type forms and with using guitar but I keep coming across barriers, sometimes technical and sometimes of my own making.

Oh well it feels like a learning experience so lets soldier on. I have two or three fragments building so hopefully I’ll have more soon.


Grants Music Diary Feb 3 2017 (FAWM #1)

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I have decided to participate in FAWM this year. That’s February Album Writing Month, I seem to need some thing to focus on, perhaps this will help me clarify my direction and bring things together.

I’m going to try and write words for each track, perhaps experiment with song form a little more, I also have in mind something sparse, but quite what that means I an unsure.

This first one is a spoken word piece over a minimal beatscape, so not really a song. But you have to start somewhere 🙂



The Final Day! Day 365: Saturday 27 August 2016

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It’s been fun folks, a great experience to learn more about music and more about myself. A huge shout out to those of you who have followed this journey, your support and interest has meant a lot to me. A special thank you to my lovely wife Lene without whose love and support nothing would be possible.

Something a little different for you on this last day. Something that I think is a little bit special…it’s a video, it’s an ambient piece, it’s a spoken word, it’s a field recording.

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you…


Peace and joy to you all Tracklings.


Day 356: Thursday 18 August 2016

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Ran Domised:

Dark Schizophrenic EDM Disturbia. Random thoughts and feelings gathered and collected by Soul Crows. Beware the Ran Domish!

Today’s cast includes: zMors Modular, AudioShare, AUFX:Dub, Sector, Auria, and MitoSynth.

May the bored have mercy on your soul.


Day 352: Sunday 14 August 2016

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Silent Sound – featuring Trudi McBoody:

Another Gadget foray into the land of beats and bass, this time with a little spoken word thrown in thanks to the ever fictional Trudi McBoody.

Most sounds were made in Gadget, though today I used iFretless Bass as a midi controller to record the second bass line. I added a little AUFX:Dub in AudioShare before I decided to try that second bass, so I exported just that track and used Auria to mix the two parts together.

Then I felt it needed some words so I called in Trudi. In the form of iSpeech TTS and TwistedWave.


Day 306: Weds 29 June 2016 [Day 3 Holiday]

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Laxative Is The Key:

There’s a beat and a bassline and some vocals, does that make it a song? Not the way I do it.

iElectribe for the drums, iFretless Bass for (you guessed it) the bass. The vocals is on two tracks, one effected by VoxSyn and the other by Harmony Voice. Assembled in Auria.

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