Grant’s Music Diary September 6 2017

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I’ve spent more time sorting and organising my many files, and unposted tracks, and bits and pieces, than I have actually making music this month. Hey housekeeping chores are essential and I am guilty of procrastinating my way around them (more than once) till my iPad is choked and groaning under the weight. So while my inspiration levels are low I decided it was a good time to try and catch up.

It’s still an ongoing process which has surprised me at times; lots of good tracks unposted, lots of unfinished tracks that deserve more effort spent on them. As well as lots of crap to go in the trash of course.

So if you’d like to check out some of my discoveries my Soundcloud postings of the last month is all full of these old tracks.

This one I discovered today and I’m only partially happy with it; I probably need to re-record the vocals, probably in a more spoken word style rather than this half sung monotone, and perhaps in a different setting…I’m happy with words…Open to suggestions.


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