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Day 54: Monday 19 Oct 2015

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The Lies Behind:

Beatscape with vocals.

Today I began with a drum jam from the 3rd of October… in Patterning… using a drum kit that I created; which I recorded into AudioShare with Dedalus and Caramel in the effect chain.

This drum kit has already featured twice, but this jam was particularly good; so good in fact that I could have happily presented it as is.

But I envisioned more.

So, at first I added a Soundscape that I had previously made in Dedalus, I added both files to Auria and rearranged them.

Then I recorded myself reading a lyric from a song I had written somewhere in the mid 90’s.

I then ran this file through Sector, Borderlands, and Turnado.

The two best results of these experiments were then fed back into Auria and arranged to best advantage.

I hope you like it.

The Video:

I made several jpegs of parts of the lyrics in iColorama, combined them in Pinnacle Studio and ran that through Glitch Machine twice and Generate once. I then imported those back into Pinnacle for arrangement.


Day 51: Friday 16 Oct 2015

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Nigel Notwithstanding:

A Soundscape.

Continuing My Fugue Machine project, which is really taking on a life of it’s own.

To recap I am using one pattern in Fugue Machine and treating it in varying ways to see what I come up with. The great thing about Fugue Machine is it has 4 playheads that run over the notes you set up; at varying speeds and with other varying parameters. So you already have a subtly changing landscape of notes and harmonies.

I have named the pattern ‘Nigel’ and henceforth that shall be the identifying tag of all tracks associated with the project. I shall even go back to the four tracks already posted and include Nigel in the titles so we can identify them.

Today I continued and refined the approach taken in yesterdays post i.e. Nigel controlled four synths that I set up in Audiobus using MiMix as the mixer, and recorded a jam while I manipulated the levels and pans of each sound. Today I also manipulated some of the individual synth parameters. I also spent more time constructing and matching my own patches.

As a side note this has exposed a real weakness in my iPad and electronic music making. I really have not spent enough with my synths: working out how they work, making my own patches, building my own sonic world. This must change.

Anyway today I used Alchemy, Addictive Synth, Magellan, and Animoog. The only synth that used an included patch was Alchemy.

IMG_1383 IMG_1385

I really feel that I’m getting somewhere with this.

Hope you like it.

The Video:

I have also been using the same starting vid for each of these tracks. Today I messed with it in my usual suite of apps: Pinnacle Studio, Generate, PicFrame, and CinemaFXV.

Peace Out.

See You Spoon.



Day 48: Tuesday 13 Oct

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Nigel Separates The Wheat From The Chaff:

A Soundscape.

Continuing my Fugue Machine series. This is day three of using one sequence in varying ways.

Today I slowed it to 80 bpm and used Cyclop and FM4 as the Synths. I chose these apps as I wanted to move away from the ambient and towards the abstract. I used the same technique as Day 46; recording several patches in AudioShare and layering and arranging them in Auria.

The Video:

I’m still using the same source video as the last two days. Pinnacle Studio and Cinema FXV were all that were used today.


Day 47: Monday 12 Oct 2015

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Nigel Trans Lucid:


Today I had two objectives: to continue my exploration of Fugue Machine, and to calm my lovely wife Lene who has had a hard day at work.

To accomplish the second goal (the most important), I have made a calming ambient piece, to help her breathe.

To accomplish the first goal I have used the same pattern as yesterday, but with different sounds.

In fact I think I will use this opportunity to explore not only this app, but also my relationship to texture, melody, and harmony. For the next few days I am going to use this same patch in Fugue Machine, this same sequence of notes; to generate my tracks.

Each day I will use different apps and different sounds, and possibly some differing techniques. Let’s see how it unfolds.

Today I slowed the sequence from 110 bpm to 80 bpm. I used Addictive Synth; one of the built in patches ‘Sidereal’, which I altered slightly. I also altered parameters as I recorded, beginning with only the noise section of the patch and slowly blending in and out the oscillators. Finally I loaded this into Auria and added a file I had already recorded from FM4.

Over the next few days I will repeat this experiment. Fingers crossed!

The Video:

I have also reused the original video from yesterday, processing it in Generate and CinemaFXV to try and match todays mood, and compiling with Pinnacle Studio.


Day 46: Sunday 11 Oct 2015

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Nigel Waves Through The Ether:


More Ambient than I usually get. Today I played some more with Fugue Machine, I fed it to Addictive Synth and recorded it 3 times into AudioShare using different patches. I then repeated the process using Mitosynth.

Next I imported all 6 files into Auria and arranged them as you find here.


The Video:

A few weeks ago I filmed the wheat blowing in the wind near my house, it was just days before the harvest. I used Pinnacle Studio and Generate to put together this result.


Day 44: Friday 9 Oct 2015

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A Soundscape, A Synthscape, A Noisescape.

Today I began with the Title and tried to make a track that fitted it, and then a video that suited too.

It is entirely made with AnalogKit. In fact it is entirely made with projects created by Red Sky Lullaby, the very talented Stuart Kilbride; I used three of his creations: Randomness Cubed, Lemon Cello, and Beat Studio. All recorded into AudioShare with AltiSpace and AUFX:Dub in the effect chain, and assembled/collaged in Auria.

The Video:

I took 7 pics from my ‘template’ collection and turned them into 15 second movies using Pinnacle Studio, then I loaded them into Vidibox and made a couple of 1 minute movies. Next I ran these through Glitch Wizard and then loaded all four into Pinnacle for arranging, and finally into CinemaFXV for the scratches.



Day 43: Thursday 8 Oct 2015

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I Got Nothing:

A Beatscape with vocal.

I began today’s track with a recording of my voice into the iPads built in mike. I then loaded that file into Sector and recorded it twice through different projects. I liked both and thought I’d try to layer them, so into Auria it was; they worked well together but needed more…

I have been going through my AudioShare files with a view to organise them in some sort of useable way, as well as make space on my iPad; an important and constant concern…

And…as I sat back and considered this piece, I remembered a file from April that I had recorded using iKaossilator, Dedalus, and Soundscaper…

So, I imported that into the Auria project, did a little rearranging and cropping, and voila!

The Video:

Pinnacle Studio, Generate. PicFrame, CinemaFXV.

PS Musing

I am aware that a formula is developing here; and that the videos sometimes match well with the music and sometimes..less well.

Time constraints are a factor here, but I hope to meld the two together more consistently.




Day 41: Tuesday 6 Oct 2015

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A Penny For Your Thoughts:

An Ambient Soudscape.

Todays track is a child of Day 37’s Shamblin’, because I began with an earlier jam version of what eventually became the backbone of that track.

It used Arpeggist, Addictive Synth, Sunrizer, Mimix, and AudioShare.

I loaded that into Auria and added a little bit of Thor; using one of Jacob Haq’s Bell Presets which can be found here: giving away 64 Bell presets.

Then a dash of sound from Dedalus with the whole AUFX suite.

The Video:

Artwork done with PicFrame, loaded into Pinnacle Studio, processed three times in Generate, combined in PicFrame, processed in CinemaFXV 🙂


Day 40: Monday 5 Oct 2015

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Dance Macabre:

A Soundscape.

Today I fired up Figure in AudioShare and loaded Caramel and Dedalus into the effect slots. My aim was to give the Figure sounds a little less of an electro dance, and more of an industrial sort of vibe. I did four jams with this setup, changing sounds etc slightly each time.

I was happy with these Beatscapes but realised that I was more in a Soundscape mood, so I imported one of these into Borderlands. Then I added one of the feedback recordings I had done in Dedalus a few days ago; and then a heavily processed Drone that I had made last week using Arpeggist, Addictive Synth, iMini, TwistedWave, Dedalus, Borderlands, and a breaking glass recording.

I made three recordings jamming with these files.

The last one hit the spot; all that was needed was a little AUFX:Dub applied occasionally.

The Video:

I could see what sort of video I wanted in my minds eye but it was a little tricky to achieve 🙂

I filmed myself dancing using VideoPro and trimmed off the walking in and out of shot in Pinnacle Studio. Then I processed these files multiple times in Generate and Glitch Wizard, and loaded these into a couple of layouts in Vidibox.

However I just used some of the Generate and Glitch Wizard files in the end; sequencing them with titles and a transition or two in Pinnacle. And then the all important CinemaFXV to tie it all together.


Day 39: Sunday 4 Oct 2015

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Last One Standing:

A Soundscape.

iSem, AudioShare, Auria, TwistedWave, Dedalus, AUFX:Dub, AUFX:Space, DM1, Diode-108, Elastic Drums, Caramel, iDensity, Turnado, Addictive Synth…were all a part of todays journey.

Which left me with this track, one more unfinished track, and the makings of two more. That’s what I call a productive day!

The video:

Generate, Pinnacle Studio, Cinema FXV.


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