Day 54: Monday 19 Oct 2015

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The Lies Behind:

Beatscape with vocals.

Today I began with a drum jam from the 3rd of October… in Patterning… using a drum kit that I created; which I recorded into AudioShare with Dedalus and Caramel in the effect chain.

This drum kit has already featured twice, but this jam was particularly good; so good in fact that I could have happily presented it as is.

But I envisioned more.

So, at first I added a Soundscape that I had previously made in Dedalus, I added both files to Auria and rearranged them.

Then I recorded myself reading a lyric from a song I had written somewhere in the mid 90’s.

I then ran this file through Sector, Borderlands, and Turnado.

The two best results of these experiments were then fed back into Auria and arranged to best advantage.

I hope you like it.

The Video:

I made several jpegs of parts of the lyrics in iColorama, combined them in Pinnacle Studio and ran that through Glitch Machine twice and Generate once. I then imported those back into Pinnacle for arrangement.

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