Day 38: Saturday 3 Oct 2015

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Saturday Dog:

I started today playing with Patterning. I loaded up the Drum Kit that I made last week and made a new beat which I jammed into AudioShare with Dedalus and Caramel in the effect slots; muting and soloing parts as I went. I then loaded up DJ Puzzles ‘FunkStep’ drum kit and did the same, and the built in ‘Honey Drum’ drum kit and did the same.

All three drum jams were then loaded into Auria and slightly arranged. Hey presto instant Beatscape.

But I didn’t stop there, oh no!

Bass, I said to myself, this needs bass. So iFretless Bass it was. I jammed a bit, copied the file, and panned both copies with a different combination of effects on each side (Johnny, Caramel, Muckraker, and the built in reverb).

And then iSem was calling to me: 2 basslines and 2 pads followed.

Plus a recording of the dog barking which I happened to grab in the process.

The Video:

I shot a video of the dog with his bone, slowed it down, ran it through: Glitch Wizard, Pinnacle Studio, Live FX, and CinemaFXV.

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