Day 61: Monday 26 Oct 2015

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Abandoned to the Wind (and to the Rain):

An Ambient Soundscape.

I began the day by playing with Geo Synth, another app that I’ve had for a while but never really used. So I spent half an hour or so acquainting myself with it, and came up with this slightly exotic slightly orchestral sounding thing. I loaded that into Auria and improvised a baseline using iFretless Bass. Next I opened Addictive Synth and made some abstract sounding patches which I recorded onto two tracks. Then I moved to Grain Science were I used two patches that I made during the week on two more tracks.

The Video:

Water splashing into a fountain, filmed a few months back. I ran it twice through CinemaFXV for a total of 6 filters. Then once more to get a negative version. Then I loaded both versions into Pinnacle Studio for arrangement, titles etc.

Only 7 apps today 🙂


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