Day 85: Thursday 19 Nov 2015

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The First Day:

An Abstract Beatscape.

I began today in AnalogKit with Stuart Kilbride’s Synthanator project, which I recorded into AudioShare with Dedalus and AUFX:Dub.

Then I popped it into Auria and added some beats that I had prepared earlier: First was one made using Diode-108, Frobulator, Dedalus, and AUFX:Space. Second one made using Borderlands Granular, Turnado, TwistedWave, and AUFX:PeakQ. Then a third that I can’t remember how I made.

This is another instance of me experimenting with throwing together different beats of random speeds and seeing how they interact; even the AnalogKit track has a rhythm from the LFO. The four rhythms interact in unpredictable but not chaotic ways, and some judicious arrangement brings out a feeling and a story. I think anyway.

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