Day 91: Weds 25 Nov 2015

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Metal Heart Rusty Blade:


Todays post is directly related to yesterdays. They both began in the same place; a Beatscape that I made using AnalogKit, recorded into AudioShare using AUFX:Space, AUFX:Dub, Dedalus, and FLUX:FX. Yesterday this was the scaffolding around which I built the track only to find that it had become superfluous. Today I began again because I loved it and felt it had more to offer.

They are also related because I used one of the ThumbJam recordings from yesterday; the flute. I added both to a new project in Auria but I wanted todays track to remain focused on the Beatscape, so I cut up the flute track into single notes or short phrases and distributed them around. Next I loaded Soundscaper and recorded it, I took a segment of that into TwistedWave and reversed it, then used both pieces. Next I added the flute file into Borderlands Granular, recorded a take, put that into Auria and time stretched it.

Peace Out.

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  • James B. on November 25, 2015

    I I think you’ve hit on something here with the inclusion of acoustic instrument/sample.
    Provides contrast between structure and chaos and helps to ground the piece.

    Mmmm…just occurred to me.
    I see some similar elements in traditional Japanese shakuhatchi and kabuki performance.
    Kabuki even includes vocals and story line as well as tone and rhythm.

    Again, much gratitude and thanks for sharing your exploration

    • Author
      Grant on November 26, 2015

      I was thinking Shakuhatchi while I made this 🙂

    • Author
      Grant on January 7, 2016

      It was unintentional but today’s track (Day 134) reminded me of this conversation. It seems really influenced by my ‘research’ into Japanese drama that followed ie Wikipedia and YouTube. Anyway thanks for the influence 🙂

  • James B on November 25, 2015

    Note: I might be thinking of “Noh” theatre rather than Kabuki.
    (I think Noh is the more stylized of the two)(?)

    • Author
      Grant on November 26, 2015

      I’m not sure of the difference to tell you the truth. Research here I come.

      • James B on November 28, 2015

        Yes… I did some “research” myself(YouTube)
        It’s a stretch for sure they’re both pretty out there(esp. vocal)
        Note: check out Shakuhatchi /”Download Sample” in Thumbjam
        (if you haven’t already) it’s pretty convincing.

        • Author
          Grant on November 29, 2015

          Yes it was the Thumbjam Shakuhatchi that I used. I’m a big fan of Japanese culture particularly the Tea Ceremony, Pottery, and film. I think I may delve some more into the music and drama, maybe try to use it. I love the use of space and the stylisation.

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