Day 129: Saturday 2 Jan 2016

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The Tale Of Musca Domestica:

Another Beatscape with Spoken Word.

I started this, as I often do, by taking a piece from yesterday’s track and building on that. I began with the beat from yesterday which was made with iMaschine, FLUX:FX, and TwistedWave. I ran it through Sector, twice with different settings, and then ran each through TwistedWave and slowed them by 50% and lowered them by 400 cents. Then I ran both of those through TwistedWave again, with the same settings.

Next I added both versions into Auria. It sounded like Mt Etna exploding 🙂

Cool, but what to add? What direction to go?

Now the project took an unexpected turn, as sometimes happens.

I decided to try adding a slow pulsing arpeggio, so I loaded up Addictive Synth; the result was so good it required reshaping the whole track. So I carved into the first files, opening room for the arpeggio to breathe.

Then I added a simple bass drum track, for emphasis, using Dm1. Then repeated it with a different sound.

And finally I added the lyrics. I read the poem into AudioShare with AltiSpace, added them to Auria and arranged them about the track.

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