Day 140: Weds 13 Jan 2016

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Winter Landscape’s Subtle Light:

An Ambient Jamscape 🙂

Today’s track is a departure; it involves me playing both my guitar and my MicroBrute into the iPad before arranging them into a track.

First I jammed the MicroBrute into AudioShare with AUFX:Dub and AUFX:Space in the effects chain.

Next I did the same with my Strat but with ToneStack in the effect chain.

Then I loaded both into Auria; I had done a freeform jam in C blues scale on both instruments and thought that they would combine well.

A little judicious cutting and arranging followed before I loaded up two drum tracks from recent days: one from iMPC Pro and one from BeatMaker 2. I cut out one sound from both and arranged them.

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