Day 190: Thursday 3 March 2016

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Sock Puppet For Jesus:

An Ambient Beatscape with Spoken Word.

This week has largely revolved around two new apps: Arturia’s iSpark and Yuri Turov’s Shoom (which is still in beta).

Today is no different.

I began today by playing with iSpark; exploring it’s sounds and playing a little more with it’s song structure capabilities. I came up with a two and a half minute drum beat that I liked and which I recorded using 4 different drum kits. Next I loaded all four into Auria and made a 6 minute Beatscape by arranging and combining the four different versions.

Yesterday I made a 10 minute Dronescape by combining two slightly different Shoom jams. I felt this would make a good ground for my Beatscape, and sure enough when I combined them they fit well.

I still felt it needed a little more but didn’t want to start including basslines or leady things, so I browsed my folders of abstract jams and found two that I thought would enhance the track. One was made with iDensity and the other with Sparkle.

Now it was nearly finished but I felt it needed a bit more focus. So I called on Trudi.

(If you’re new here you may not know that Trudi is a fictional character who has been developing over the course of this blog. She condescends to take time off from her day job at Station FCKU to provide vocals for some of my tracks. Usually I type her words into iSpeech TTS, slow it down slightly in TwistedWave, and move it into AudioShare for a little Reverb which today was provided by Reverb from Amazing Noises)

She brought her own lyrics today 🙂

Thank you Trudi.


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