Day 219: Saturday 2 April 2016

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A Beatscape.

I made this on my iPhone while sitting in the car waiting to pick my son up from school.

There are two apps that spring to mind as sure fire track makers; one is Alchemy which I used two days ago, the other is iMaschine which I have used here. I find both apps so inspiring to use and almost always come up with something that I like whenever I use them. Here I have used the older first version of iMaschine because that was on my phone, the newer iMaschine 2 is more versatile still.

I made this beat and simple bassline at 100 bpm recording it into AudioShare while muting/unmuting parts and FX. I really liked it, but decided to try it slower as that often seems to really open things up. Instead of just recording it again at a slower speed I decided to visit another fav app of mine TwistedWave, you have probably noticed how often it gets used on this blog. The reason is that while I really really like things slow, I also like the artifacts that this apps algorithms add to the sound. It adds a texture that really suits my music.

Finally I ran it through Dedalus which is a another great app for textural goodness.

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