Day 264: Weds 18 May 2016

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Moments Like These:

Ambient Beatscape.

I began today with an ambient jam in Shoom. There are three sound engines with 2 oscillators each plus noise. It’s great fun to start from scratch, designing the first sound and moving on to the others, designing them to fit, then jamming a track into AudioShare (in this case with Dedalus and ApeFilter).

I then moved on to Diode-108 which I enjoy very much but haven’t used in a while, altering slightly the beat that loaded, recording it through the same AudioShare effect chain plus Caramel, then repeating three times with different sounds.

Next I loaded everything into Auria for arranging.

Finally I turned to Poseidon for a little arpeggio action that I could throw into the mix.

I hope that you enjoy the result.

Peace Out Tracklings.

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