Day 268: Sunday 22 May 2016

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Midnight In The Garden Of Goods & Weevils:

A very slow DM2 groove started off today’s track. I ran it through Dedalus three times with different settings and combined them in Auria. Then I added the bass arpeggio from Addictive Synth, and the higher arpeggios (variations of the first) also using Addictive Synth.

Actually that summary doesn’t give justice to my struggles today. A fact that I was contemplating about yesterday’s post which represented only a small portion of the day’s work.

Yesterday I worked for hours on a piece that just never quite got there, giving up and turning to iMaschine at the end of the day. Today I struggled with apps quitting and losing sound, and having to do restarts and standing-on-my-head-holding-my-mouth-the-right-way before I finally got things working.


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