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Day 294: Friday 17 June 2016

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Indus Valley Sunday:

An Ambient Beatscape made from a simple combination of iMPC Pro, Shoom, and Auria.

I had difficulty today getting any results; I made three tracks but ended up throwing away two of them and even this one had to be rearranged several times until it finally swam into focus.


Day 292: Weds 15 June 2016

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It Doesn’t Phase Me:

A sort of Ambient piece today. I began with PhaseRings loaded in Auria and jammed 3 tracks with variations in sound and scales, but all within the one custom composition in PhaseRings. Then I loaded Phase84 and jammed 2 tracks of that with different sounds. Finally I mixed it down to AudioShare and ran it through Dedalus at 0.5 sample ratio.


Day 291: Tuesday 14 June 2016

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In The Mood:

I seem to be in an strangely conflicted mood lately, veering wildly between very electronicy sounding dance/downtempo stuff and long abstract soundscape/ambient stuff. Today is of the latter variety, a nearly 16 minute three movement ambient piece.

The stars of today’s drama are Moodscaper for the first and third movements and Laplace for the second movement, supported by Auria, AudioShare, TwistedWave, Dedalus, ApeFilter, Crystalline, and FLUX:FX.


Day 286: Thursday 9 June 2016

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Rain Falling (On The Just & On The Unjust):

An Ambient Soundscape today.

Xynthesizr to AudioShare to TwistedWave to SilQ Equalizer to Dedalus to AUFX:Dub.



Day 281: Saturday 4 June 2016

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Inflexible Shot:

A gentle piece of slow almost ambient electronica courtesy of Korg’s Gadget, which you may have noticed is getting a workout this week. This track is my most complicated use of Gadget so far; using 10 tracks, 12 scenes, and 6 different Gadgets. I’m sure that is nothing to many users, but I lean towards the simple.

I recorded the result to AudioShare then effected it with Dedalus and ApeFilter and imported both versions to Auria where I blended the effected track so it gave a more subtle texture rather than being overwhelming.

Finally I exported all tracks from Gadget and imported just the bass and the tinkling piano sound into Auria for some emphasis and to add some delay to the piano.


Day 279: Thursday 2 June 2016

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Perambulate (Before It’s Too Late):

A slow and calm ambient piece today, a break after yesterday’s frantic trip to dance land.

The initial sketch was made in Alchemy but I exported the individual tracks, both audio and midi, into Auria for more controlled arranging and to add some more synth sounds. I used one track from Addictive Synth, one from Poseidon, and two from Auria Pro’s inbuilt FabFilter Twin2.


Day 277: Tuesday 31 May 2016

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Little Bridge:

An Ambient Dronescape today for your delectation.

Made with Gadget, recorded into AudioShare with ApeFilter, Dedalus, AUFX:Dub, and AUFX:PeakQ, plus a little assistance from TwistedWave.



Day 275: Sunday 29 May 2016

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Another Ambient Drone with beat, like yesterday’s. In fact it is the second in a proposed series, all using the same bedrock of sounds coming from the same Session in Shoom, and using the same structure of Ambient/noise/drone with occasional beat (plus occasional other elements).

This track uses Patterning for the beat flavoured with Caramel, as well as ApeDelay and ApeFilter on the drone. Recorded and arranged with the help of AudioShare and Auria.


Day 274: Saturday 28 May 2016

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An Ambient piece today, long and slow and gentle. Must be the hangover speaking.

Mainly Shoom but with a little DM2 and a little Trudi spoken word (iSpeech TTS, AltiSpace, TwistedWave). Also some help from Auria, AudioShare, Caramel, Crystalline, DubFilter, and ApeDelay.

I particularly recommend the Shoom, DubFilter, ApeDelay, Crystalline combination. It sure is a thing of beauty.

Peace Out trackers, I hope that you enjoy your saturday.


Day 264: Weds 18 May 2016

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Moments Like These:

Ambient Beatscape.

I began today with an ambient jam in Shoom. There are three sound engines with 2 oscillators each plus noise. It’s great fun to start from scratch, designing the first sound and moving on to the others, designing them to fit, then jamming a track into AudioShare (in this case with Dedalus and ApeFilter).

I then moved on to Diode-108 which I enjoy very much but haven’t used in a while, altering slightly the beat that loaded, recording it through the same AudioShare effect chain plus Caramel, then repeating three times with different sounds.

Next I loaded everything into Auria for arranging.

Finally I turned to Poseidon for a little arpeggio action that I could throw into the mix.

I hope that you enjoy the result.

Peace Out Tracklings.

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