Day 75: Monday 9 Nov 2015

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Three Friends Arguing While Dancing The Tarantella:

A Beatscape. Lighthearted fun and quirky. Not something you get from me everyday 🙂

Like Day 66, this is the result of throwing some different beats and timings together and seeing what happens.

I began with DFX an interesting effects app that hasn’t seen much action lately as I haven’t been able to get it to work in AudioShare for a while.

Still no go…even after deleting and reinstalling, butI found that I could import from iTunes so I loaded in a drum file from an old playlist I have there (unfortunately it’s from last year before I began keeping a work diary so I have no idea what app I used to make it), and processed it. Next I loaded another beat, this time from a pack I downloaded (again it’s so long ago I’ve lost the details), and processed that differently.

Without paying attention to beats per minute, or feel, I threw them at each other in Auria. It kind of worked but it felt like an argument; one was quirky and fun, the other aggressive and bossy.

For some reason I was reminded of a file I made a while ago using Dedalus, AnalogKit, and Turnado; which I had cut up into pieces.

I found it and loaded one piece into Auria and tried to arrange the three so it made some sense. This file seemed to be the friend who was trying to reconcile the other two and then got caught up in the argument 🙂

I wish I could do animations (it’s on my list ok!) because I can just visualise how it would be.

Peace Out


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