Day 155: Thurs 28 Jan 2016

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Part Ambient Part Beatscape. Today’s track was difficult to pull off; partly because it took awhile for me to give it a shape and a story, partly because I can’t keyboard very well, and partly because I had various technical difficulties. Midi always gives me trouble.

One of the issues with trying to finish a track a day is that sometimes I feel the track needs more work. That is the case today. Perhaps I will return to this one day and try to polish it some more. Perhaps when, and if, I get a little more comfortable with midi 🙂

Anyway I used my Axiom Pro midi keyboard to record the synth line which was the start of this track. I began with TF7 but it refused to play nice with Auria (dropping out the sound and requiring restarts) so I moved to Poseidon. My keyboard skills are rudimentary so a little midi tweaking was required, after which I copied the midi to three more tracks: one to iSem for bass, one to Lyra for piano, and another to Lyra for electric piano.

The drums are from Patterning, one track with high hats was effected with Muckracker, and the other without the hats was effected with Caramel.

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