Day 255: Monday 9 May 2016

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I’m finding it very difficult to allocate time for track making at the moment. I can grab small amounts; 10 minutes here, 20 minutes there, a half hour, an hour at best. But this just isn’t enough to really dig into the music and make discoveries and pull something interesting out. I find that a 2 or 2-and-a-half hour block of time is the bare minimum for the creativity to have a chance to get firing, and preferably another similar sized block of time following a small break, and preferably a third a little later.

But even though I can’t dive deep (please excuse the mixed metaphors) on these busy days, I can always visit iMaschine or Alchemy and quickly get something. In fact I find it amazing just how quickly I can get results by playing around with these two apps.

I’m sure that other apps are every bit as good for this quick throwing together of stuff. But I haven’t had the time to explore them all properly: BeatHawk, Gadget, and iMPC Pro come immediately to mind out of the ones that I own.

Today’s track is from iMaschine. Assembled across 3 blocks of time through the day; 2 blocks of maybe 10 then 20 minutes to make the beat. Then another 20 minute block to jam it into AudioShare and assemble the pieces in Auria for extra arranging and adding a touch of Dedalus.

Of course improvements and refinements could be made but there is a pleasure to this quick way of working.

I hope the results can give pleasure too.

Peace out.

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