Day 271: Weds 25 May 2016

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Today we have a Beatscape with Spoken Word.

I enjoy the tracks where I include some voice; whether it be Trudi or myself, whether it be spoken or sung, or maybe even without understandable words but merely denoting a recognisable human presence.

Three things hold me back from doing this more often: Firstly I find writing words difficult, they don’t always come when needed. Secondly I don’t have a great voice and am reluctant to use it (hence Trudi). Thirdly I’m lazy and can’t always find the energy to set up a mike etc, go into another room on another floor so that my poor family doesn’t have to suffer, and struggle with my own fears of inadequacy and foolishness.

Tracks often seem whole without a vocal of course but today I really felt this needed something and fortunately something came to me; just a little text (or possibly poem) of four lines it’s true, but it took as long as the rest of the track to get it sounding this right. I think it could do with a bit more fine tuning but hey I told you I was lazy. Also it’s called ‘Track A Day’ not ‘Track Whenever The Damn Words Are Good Enough Which Might Be Never’.

Anyway I constructed this in the car while waiting for my son’s exam to finish, so the vocal is just recorded through the headphones inbuilt mike. The rest of the beatscape was made using LaunchPad, iSpark, and Patterning. Assembled in Auria and flavoured with Dedalus and ApeFilter.

I hope you enjoy.

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