Day 272: Thursday 26 May 2016

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A Beatscsape, nothing but drum apps.

DrumJam, Diode-108, and iSpark.

I did a little experiment: I made a beat in each of my drum apps at 100 bpm without otherwise trying to match them, then brought them together to see what would match and how. The beats from the above three seemed to go together and I was able to construct this track from them but the ones from DM1, DM2, Attack, ElasticDrums, and Patterning didn’t fit. I may yet be able to use those in related projects.

I didn’t use my more groove box sort of apps like iMaschine, BeatMaker, iMPC Pro, iElectribe, and Alchemy all of which I tend to use as drum machines with extentions, and three of which (BeatMaker, iElectribe and iMPC) I haven’t used enough to be fluent with.

I also tried to use Different Drummer, DrumPerfect, and Gumdrops but realized that I had no idea how to use them. Manual and YouTube trips required there I’m afraid.

As you can see I am a fan of drum apps (there are several that I don’t own yet) but I was surprised at how many I don’t use much or at all. Each one has slightly, or massively, different approaches and can give different results and I really want to be able to use them all to see what they can bring to my tracks.

On a related note doing this blog has made me realise that I don’t really use synths all that much. Drum apps and Grain Synthesis apps have become my main go to instruments for constructing the sort of sounds that I like. Subtractive synths in particular aren’t getting much of a look in. That wasn’t a conscious choice but it’s an interesting thing to discover.

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