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Day 31: Saturday 26 Sept 2015

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Before The Devil Knows:

A Soundscape today.

Dedalus and Soundscaper feature heavily; but I also used Borderlands Granular, TwistedWave, ToneStack, AltiSpace, AUFX:Dub, and Elastic Drums. Oh yes, and I spoke some lines and played a beer glass with a pen 🙂

The Video:

I have a folder of textures that I have created over the years, I took one of those and interspersed it with text in Pinnacle Studio. Then I process the completed movie with CinemaFXV.


Day 29: Thursday 24 Sept 2015

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Dance Like Nobodies Watching:

I don’t know what genre to describe this as; it doesn’t fit into my scheme (which I guess means my scheme needs changing)

It’s made using only Addictive Synth for the sounds, and Auria for the arranging.

A rhythmic arpeggiated bass part plus two other synth parts; and I dance like a silly billy 🙂

The Video: Filmed with Imaengine, processed twice with CinenaFXV, all three versions put into PicFrame, finally finished in Pinnacle Studio.


Day 19: Monday 14 Sept 2015

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Tell Me That You Love Me:


A simple piece that is a live take on one patch of one synth. Slight movements of just three knobs gave all this variation. I love simple tracks like this.

Addictive Synth jammed into Audioshare.


Day 18: Sunday 13 Sept 2015

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Abstract Soundscape with vocal snippets.

An abstract jam done in Cyclops Through Audioshare with AUFX:Space, Dedalus, and AUFX:Dub.

Added another Cyclops jam with AUFX:Dub slowed in TwistedWave.

Added parts of a poem done in iSpeech TTS.


Day 12: Monday 7 Sept 2015

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Just Another Respite (From The Game Of Life):

An Ambient Soundscape.

MiMix, Xynthesizr, Addictive Synth, Rode Rec.


Day 11: Sunday 6 Sept 2015

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Peace Out: (An Abstract Ambient Narration In Two Parts)

An Abstract Soundscape in part one becomes an Ambient Beatscape in part two.

Alchemy recorded into Audioshare and slowed by 70% in TwistedWave.

Three more tracks of Alchemy recorded into Auria.

Cyclop and iDensity for the more abstract sounds.




Day 10: Saturday 5 Sept 2015

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The Narrative Of A Micro Aggression (Starring Mr MicroBrute As The Protagonist):

A Soundscape.

The Microbrute recorded with AudioShare and Tonestack twice then collaged in Auria.

Water in a drain recorded with RODE Rec on my iPhone then filtered with Final Touch and AUFX:PeakQ in Audioshare. The barely heard voices at the end are some people approaching as I recorded, I left them in as I felt they added to the ambience 🙂



Day 3: Saturday 29 Aug 2015

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An Abstract Soundscape.

I used Soundscaper, TwistedWave, Auria, and AudioShare.

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