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Day 318: Monday 11 June 2016 [Day 12 Holiday]

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Explode With Me My Love:

A Noisescape that I made for a little change of pace. Actually it seems to end a little soon, perhaps it is part one of an extended piece…we’ll have to wait and see.

I began in Borderlands with two tracks that I had recorded earlier with my MicroBrute through BiasFX. The feedback sounds are from Dedalus. The drum bits were midi exported from DM1 to 8 seperate tracks in Auria and given to one of the inbuilt kits which were then treated with Caramel.


Day 315: Friday 8 July 2016

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Religious Division:

An Ambient Soundscape made with Gadget, AudioShare, TwistedWave, and Dedalus.


Day 314: Thursday 7 July 2016

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Slow Throb Asylum:

A Soundscape, part Dark Ambient, part Industrial. The name describes it well I think.

Xynthesizr, AudioShare, Dedalus, ApeFilter, Crystalline, TwistedWave, Auria, SynthQ.


Day 307: Thursday 30 June 2016 [Day 4 Holiday]

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The City Blooms Recalcitrant:

I seem to be alternating lately between beat based tracks and soudscape tracks; that wasn’t intentional, just something I noticed. So it must be Soundscape time!

This track in fact veers towards the Noisescape. I made it with Addictive Synth, just jamming with a sound I found using the randomise function. I put it into Auria for a little mixing goodness but otherwise its a straight jam with that one patch.


Day 305: Tuesday 28 June 2016 [Day 2 Holiday]

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Plain Sailing:

An Ambient Soundscape.

I made this using another of my standard modus operandi; play with a synth app making several patches and jams then combine them. Today I used Magellan and this soundscape is the result of combining three of the jams together in Auria.


Day 303: Sunday 26 June 2016

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Today I am indulging in a side of my music making that hasn’t got much of a look in on this blog recently. I am interested in exploring the boundaries and limits of what music is. Specifically I have been thinking about silence and about noise, about silence and sound, about noise and non-noise, about the place where all these things meet, and what they might say to each over a coffee or a beer.

I use Addictive Synth to make the noise, Auria to structure it, and Caramel and Dedalus for extra texture.

Peace Out Tracklings.



Day 297: Monday 20 June 2016

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Crazy Mars Procession:

An Ambient Soundscape.

I began in Sparkle, doing a jam using a mixture of files made in TC-11, iElectribe, and iMaschine as both Source and Target (I confess to total ignorance about how Sparkle works, I just play with it and see what happens).

I then loaded the result into TwistedWave where I slowed it by half and lowered it by an octave. Then I lowered that by another octave.

All three versions went to Auria for arranging, where I also added a few moments of an iElectribe beat and some moments of a MicroBrute sample.


Day 286: Thursday 9 June 2016

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Rain Falling (On The Just & On The Unjust):

An Ambient Soundscape today.

Xynthesizr to AudioShare to TwistedWave to SilQ Equalizer to Dedalus to AUFX:Dub.



Day 285: Weds 8 June 2016

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Languid Signal To Noise Ratio:

I’m presenting a Soundscape today.

If you’ve been following this journey with me you will remember that I began with many soundscapes but lately things have gone a different route. I’ve wanted to do a soundscape for days now but my attempts have been a little lame.

Today I nailed it 🙂

I began this in an inauspicious way (considering the final result) with Auxy which is geared towards a more EDM style (see yesterday). I did in fact make a piece that I liked very much in an Auxy style, then I rerecorded it at a much lower bpm and using only a few of the elements; into AudioShare with ApeFilter, Dedalus, and AUFX:Dub.

This I loaded into iDensity, into all 6 streams, and then played that into Dedalus at 0.25 Sampler Ratio in AudioShare with ApeFilter again.

It’s long… I guess it’s a big ask to think someone will listen to a 20 minute abstract track, especially in this short attention span world, but I personally think this piece needs to be that long so the listener can really enter the world I’m presenting and just BE in that world.

Anyway I hope you like it.


Day 275: Sunday 29 May 2016

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Another Ambient Drone with beat, like yesterday’s. In fact it is the second in a proposed series, all using the same bedrock of sounds coming from the same Session in Shoom, and using the same structure of Ambient/noise/drone with occasional beat (plus occasional other elements).

This track uses Patterning for the beat flavoured with Caramel, as well as ApeDelay and ApeFilter on the drone. Recorded and arranged with the help of AudioShare and Auria.

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