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Day 225: Saturday 9 April 2016

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The Bitter Watches Of The Night:

A Soundscape.

I was attempting to capture the feeling of those sleepless nights where you lie there sweating and hopeless while your thoughts swirl and chase one another and won’t let you go.

I used Shoom, iSpark, Dedalus, Emo Chorus, and Poseidon for most of the track; layered and arranged in Auria. The vocals where recorded with AudioShare and AltiSpace.


Day 224: Friday 8 April 2016

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When It Rains:

I think it’s time for a Soundscape again.

I’m sorry for the literal title today; after all it does sound like rain. Surely I could’ve come up with a title that added something…no, not today folks. It’s literal friday I guess 🙂

A piano jam using Module, feed into iDensity, then into Borderlands Granular…well you never know quite where you might end up.


Day 218: Friday 1 April 2016

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Skeletal Revisit:


This cpmbines two Borderlands Granular files that I made earlier, one using a Patterning file as a source, the other using a lyric Recite processed with AudioShare, AltiSpace, and Sector. The latter has already been used as a part of Day 143’s Skeletal, so this track directly refers to/is related to that one.

I combined both files in Auria and added some Shoom.



Day 215: Tuesday 29 March

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And We Will Rest:

A Spoken Word Soundscape directly related to yesterday’s post, as it uses the same vocal.

Vocal made using AudioShare, AUFX:Peak, and AltiSpace. Then ran through Borderlands Granular and effected with Emo Chorus. Then added to Auria along with another Borderlands file made using an iDensity file, made with a piano jam recorded with Module. Some judicious arranging gave this result.


Day 210: Thursday 24 2016

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A soundscape.

Today’s track uses two instances of Shoom; two jams using the same sounds and scale. They were combined in Auria and both effected with Emo Chorus, Crystalline, AUFX:Dub, and Dedalus on a subgroup. Then I added the drums using Patterning.


Day 197: Thurs 10 March 2016

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Someone To Trust:

An Abstract Soundscape with Spoken Word.

The drone section is from Shoom, the rest is from an iSpeech TTS file that I treated several times in AudioShare with AltiSpace and Flux:FX. All assembled as usual in Auria.

The Video:

I began by making several videos using FluidFX doing it’s thing to some abstract pics I had made in iColorama. I layered some of them in VidBlend, then layered some of those in Vjay. Next I assembled some of these together in Pinnacle Pro arranging them with the music, lyrics, blends etc. Then I processed that through CinemaFX to give a unified colour and texture, then through Generate. Finally I took these last two and blended them in Vjay.


Day 195: Tuesday 8 March 2016

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Momentus Trivialus:

A Dronescape, a Soundscape, a Beatscape.

The bulk of this is 3 drones from Addictive Synth each played into Auria while I played with knobs and settings. There are also three beats from iSpark, one treated with Muckraker; they are slow and sparse and occasional as befits the mood.


Day 194: Monday 7 March 2016

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A Distillation:

An Abstract Beatscape/Soundscape.

For the music: Alchemy, Auria, Sector, TwistedWave, Caramel, Emo Chorus.

For the video: Pinnacle Pro, PicFrame, CinemaFXV, Fluid FX, Generate.



Day 190: Thursday 3 March 2016

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Sock Puppet For Jesus:

An Ambient Beatscape with Spoken Word.

This week has largely revolved around two new apps: Arturia’s iSpark and Yuri Turov’s Shoom (which is still in beta).

Today is no different.

I began today by playing with iSpark; exploring it’s sounds and playing a little more with it’s song structure capabilities. I came up with a two and a half minute drum beat that I liked and which I recorded using 4 different drum kits. Next I loaded all four into Auria and made a 6 minute Beatscape by arranging and combining the four different versions.

Yesterday I made a 10 minute Dronescape by combining two slightly different Shoom jams. I felt this would make a good ground for my Beatscape, and sure enough when I combined them they fit well.

I still felt it needed a little more but didn’t want to start including basslines or leady things, so I browsed my folders of abstract jams and found two that I thought would enhance the track. One was made with iDensity and the other with Sparkle.

Now it was nearly finished but I felt it needed a bit more focus. So I called on Trudi.

(If you’re new here you may not know that Trudi is a fictional character who has been developing over the course of this blog. She condescends to take time off from her day job at Station FCKU to provide vocals for some of my tracks. Usually I type her words into iSpeech TTS, slow it down slightly in TwistedWave, and move it into AudioShare for a little Reverb which today was provided by Reverb from Amazing Noises)

She brought her own lyrics today 🙂

Thank you Trudi.



Day 189: Weds 2 Mar 2016

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Cold Fire:

A Soundscape/Beatscape with Spoken Word.

The ambient dronescape is courtesy of Shoom which is featuring heavily this week because I’m beta testing it. The beat is from iSpark with the help of Dedalus, apeDelay, Dubfilter, and Caramel. They were combined in Auria and the vocals were recorded straight into their own track.

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