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Day 260: Saturday 14 May

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Friday Frame:

A Soundscape today. Made with just Alchemy and Auria. Sometimes simple is best.


Day 251: Thursday 5 May 2016

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A Soundscape today using a long list of apps, here they are in order: LaunchPad, Dedalus, AudioShare, TwistedWave, Borderlands Granular, TwistedWave, AudioShare, ApeDelay, ApeFilter, Dedalus, Auria, AudioShare, SoundScaper.

As you can see there is often a lot of going backwards and forwards between apps over the course of a track. It also spanned over a month because it began on the 5th of April and was finished off today.


Day 250: Weds 4 May 2016

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Having A Nice Day…:

This posting daily thing is feeling a bit tough at the moment… I’m lacking inspiration and excitement.

I’ve also got no closer to working out what I want to do. There are so many elements in music and so many ways to make music that it can become overwhelming and confusing. I was hoping that this exercise would afford me some clarity but I find myself as confused and lost as ever.

Anyway, this an Abstract Soundscape (almost a Noisescape). Which I must admit is one off the ways of working, and conceiving sound, that I find most satisfying.

I used Patterning, FLUX:FX, TC-11 and Tera Synth for the sounds. AudioShare and Auria for the recording and arranging.


Day 247: Sunday 1 May 2016

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The Elephant In The Room:

A Noisescape today.

Made entirely with iMaschine 2 jammed into AudioShare with ApeFilter and Dedalus as effects, one take no edits.


Day 239: Saturday 23 April 2016

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Visiting Circe:

A soundscape.

I used Grain Science and Borderlands Granular for this, assembled in Auria.


Day 233: Saturday 17 April 2016

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Breaking My Shackles (With A Whisper):

An Ambient piece today. A simple almost minimal meditation on melancholy.

Two jams with Shoom combined in Auria along with two jams in Alchemy.

I’ve always enjoyed minimalism, in art as well as in music. The baroque annoys me with it’s obsessive busyness. My most profound experience of Art was standing in a room of Rothko’s; and Eno’s work has always attracted me, as have many of the ideas centred around Zen and the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

There are many ways to express and experience minimalism, and I have been thinking about and experimenting with the concept lately. Whether it be in shorter simpler pieces, or the more frequent use of silence, or the use of fewer elements.


Day 229: Weds 13 April 2016

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The Straight Way Lost:

Another multipart track today. An Ambient/Beatscape/Soundscape in 4 parts:

Intro: 0.00-1.04 Ambient

Beat One: 1.04-3.58 Beatscape at 120 bpm

Interlude: 3.58-7.21 Ambient

Beat Two: 7.21-10.52 Beatscape 100 bpm

I used iMaschine 2 and Sector for the beats. Shoom, Grain Science, Caramel, and Dedalus for the Ambient parts. All arranged etc in Auria as usual with, AudioShare helping here and there.


Day 228: Tuesday 12 April 2016

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Alien Abduction:

This is a very abstract Soundscape. Quite abrasive and a little unrelenting.

It relates to yesterday’s post because it uses the same chair creaking sample, this time run through Dedalus then treated with AltiSpace and AUFX:Dub in AudioShare. Other elements come from Alchemy, Patterning, and Sector.


Day 227: Monday 11 April 2016

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Site Unseen:

A slightly disturbing Soundscape today.

The main tools are iMini and Rebirth, two apps that don’t see much use here. Assistant tools are TwistedWave, AudioShare and Auria. The creaking noise is my old office chair that I sampled somewhere in the noughties.


Day 226: Sunday 10 April 2016

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Auxiliary Trilogy:

You may have noticed that I like series; images and sounds and tracks that fit together to make a larger whole. Sometimes I present them in the form of a playlist and sometimes, as here, I fit them together in one track.

I’m not sure which is the best strategy. Perhaps it depends.

Anyway this is a Beatscape/Soundscape in three parts.

I began with Auxy, an app that I got some time ago but never tried. I’m sure my initial play only scratched the surface but I quickly got something that I liked, and you can’t ask more from an app than that 🙂

I jammed into AudioShare by muting and triggering the parts, then did my fav trick of slowing it down in TwistedWave and effecting it with Dedalus. So I ended up with a track at 72 bpm which sounds like me. Cool.

But I was looking for something a little darker, a little harder. So I effected it with Muckraker and with Caramel to see which would give me the distorted edge that I was looking for. I liked both results so I loaded all three into Auria, panning each distorted version one left and one right and mixing them quite low so they provided a textural flavour without overwhelming the sound.

So far I was loving it but felt that the initial arrangement could be improved, so I did a little cutting and pasting. Once that was achieved I still felt it needed more darkness. Or perhaps abrasiveness is the word I’m looking for.

Earlier in the week I had used a flute sample by DJ Puzzle to make a drumbeat in Patterning which I feed into Grain Science and got some wonderful feedback like metallic-sheetmetal-on-the-chalkboard-of-your-soul kind of sounds, and I thought they would compliment this track. So I added them and cut/arranged them to suit.

Thus was finished Part One: Auxiliary.

I loved the combination of the feedback sounds so much that I felt they deserved a track of their own. I combined them and timestretched them to the same length. I felt they needed something else but wasn’t sure what, so I trawled my folders of sounds looking for a match and found a File that I had recorded last year using Thor.

Thus was finished Part Two: Ancillary.

Now, these two tracks obviously belonged together but they didn’t seem to be a complete thing so I went back to Part One and made a more compact, succinct version that I felt rounded out the story and the journey.

So if you are interested:

Part One: Auxiliary is 0.00-4.03

Part Two: Ancillary is 4.03-7.00

Part Three: Auxillary Reprise is 7.00-9.06

Thanks for your attention. Peace Out.

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